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E-xcellence+ E-xcellence+: cross sectoral valorisation

In the E-xcellence project under the E-learning Programme 2004, a quality benchmarking assessmentinstrument was developed that covers the pedagogical, organisational and technical frameworks withspecial attention on accessibility, flexibility and interactiveness. The instrument is supplemented by afull on-line manual. This is all fully available under the “creative commons license” at EUA-evaluation report on the E-xcellence instrument, January 2007,highlighted the following :“By modelling the E-xcellence tool on the needs and interests of institutions and giving them a choiceof modes with different degrees of intensity, the tool incorporates what has been endorsed on theEuropean level as good practice in external quality assurance processes. Moreover, by developing a setof benchmarks for the European level to build its tool on, the E-xcellence project has contributed towardbuilding a European dimension for the specific field of e-learning”.With E-XCELLENCE+ we want to valorise the instrument at the local, national and European level forthe higher education and adult education sectors. Further, within E-xcellence +, we want to broaden theimplementation and receive feedback for enhancing the instrument.The E-XCELLENCE+ consortium consists of expert representatives from open universities, traditionaluniversities and assessment and accreditation bodies in higher education and adult education alreadycovering 13 countries and reaching out to the rest of Europe.To further introduce E-xcellence in the European HE system, we will cooperate closely on the nationallevel with involvement of assessment and accreditation bodies who cover the national higher educationand adult education institutions. Therefore, in all participating countries we will organise localworkshops and training seminars for universities and assessment and accreditation bodies on the subjectof quality improvement of e-learning performance and integrate this approach at university level itselfas well as with the quality assurance agencies.In the countries that already have a strong involvement of quality agencies we will implement the Excellenceinstrument in cooperation between the universities and the assessment and accreditationbodies. This cooperation will be a pragmatic exploration and fine-tuning of the current E-xcellenceinstrument to the contextual national setting and policy frameworks. All this to integrate the E-xcellenceinstrument in the institutional frameworks and the national policy frameworksIn addition to promotional activities and implementation the sustainability of the instrument is further tobe guaranteed by:-Regular updating of the instrument and manual and yearly publication of revised version-Adding good practice exemplars to the manual from the partner organisations and connected Europeanorganisations in the field of e-learning -Expanding a European network of experts-Connection with other European organisations in the field of e-learning
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