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e-Wind -Tech Design of an e-learning training programme for wind mills maintenance technicians enriched with interactive virtual reality simulations

Wind Power Sector is growing very fast in Europe. As EWEA pointed out, In 1994, there were 1,683megawatts (MW) of wind energy installed across the EU. By the end of 2005, installed capacity hadincreased 24 times (more than 40,300 MW). By 2030, 300 GW will be installed in order to achieveEuropean Targets (with the assumption that the average size of a wind turbine will be changed).The use of wind power is growing strongly in Europe and, to meet sector demands, a well trainedworkforce is needed. Companies of wind energy sector have realized that there is a great lack oftechnicians with a solid training and the required abilities to work in wind mills and maintenance tasksthat wind farms demand. In this context some professions are emerging and it is necessary to identifythe competencies for a good performance and develop the contents and practices to train thesetechnicians.The general aim of this project is to train to wind mills maintenance technicians. For this purpose it isnecessary to gather and organize the current level of knowledge regarding wind mills maintenance inthe partners countries and it is proposed to document, select, classify and combine this knowledge, todesign, standardize and develop a training programme and to adapt it to an e-learning platform that itwill be tested in different training pilot projects. This tool will provide Simulations of InteractiveVirtual Reality to train the most critical operations in maintenance of wind farms regarding safety,budget and relevance. So, the main outcome of this project to achieve the main objective of thetraining is a new multilingual eLearning programme/course enriched with interactive Virtual Realitybased exercises and European developed contents to train students (in vocational training centres),technicians and jobless technicians by using new interactive virtual reality based techniques.The main tasks are:- Gather current European Knowledge- Design contents for on-line delivery – Design Simulations based on virtual reality environments- Study and decide technological requirements and the most suitable technical supports for itsimplementation and dissemination.- Adapt contents to different European languages and cultures- Evaluation - testing inTraining Pilot Proyects.- Define model business to post project exploitation of products and servicesIt will be design an homogeneous e-learning course ready to be certified by different EuropeanVocational Training Centres, both public and private for wind mills maintenance technicians.This project will contribute to the development of competencies of young students in their formaleducation stage and to fit them to the company requirements because in its development companieswill cooperate. Furthermore this programme will help to the re-training technicians who are alreadyworking in these tasks but never has the opportunity to attend a formal course (due to the sector fastgrowing this in the regular situation).Each of the members of the consortium (from 5 EU countries, Spain, Germany, Greece, Portugal andLithuania) has a specific complementary role that will definitely contribute to achieve the main and thespecific goals of the project.
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