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E-VALORED E-Valorisation of religious Diversity Training

This project aims to maximise the potential impact and dissemination of a new Religious Diversity andAnti-Discrimination training module, trans-nationally, cross-sectors, and inter-communities. Followinga two-year period of training module development and testing, a formal and formative evaluation willserve a structured approach to creating sustainable mechanisms for long-term dissemination and socialimpact.European level activities to promote active exploitation and dissemination of results are a priority of theproject, including seminars to increase capacity of new users and provide data for external evaluators.Existing connections of project partners’ to universities, regular and vocational schools, community andreligious associations, as well as local public authorities, will be exploited to increase the disseminationpotential of the programme at local, national and European levels.The religious dimension of intercultural relations is of increasing concern at all levels of societythroughout the European Union. This project is attempting to contribute to social cohesion through nonformaleducation in both non-formal and formal education environments. Users of the trainingprogramme would have tools and increased confidence to address the difficult issues arising fromreligious diversity in the public sector, and participants in the training should have greater awarenessand skills to co-exist in a diverse society in which there is a multiplicity of religious and non-religiousbeliefs.The two-year project will produce an evaluation report for distribution to potential users and curriculardecision-makers; Handbooks for Educators and promotional leaflets in French, German and English;Participant materials in French, German, English, Danish, Bulgarian, Romanian and Turkish; andorganise European and local level seminars.
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