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E.V.S. Explore the Voluntary Spirit II
Start date: May 15, 2015, End date: May 14, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Voluntarism is the platform that allows us to get to know ourselves and build our own and public health, participation and prosperity, through activities for the benefit of others and the community. This is the concept which the EVS Explore the Voluntary Spirit II project is built on. The aim of the project is to help young people from different European countries to get to know themselves by discovering their strengths and weaknesses, interests and desires in terms of career and social commitment, to rank their priorities adequately targeted and consistent with reality. The project foresees activities which would allow the participants to develop skills and key competences which would make them successful in personal and professional aspect - confidence, teamwork, tolerance, audibility, understanding and acceptance of others and the different, goodwill, openness, empathy, adaptability, sharing, curiosity, striving for development throughout life. The aim is to support the volunteers in gaining practical skills in initiating and working for social causes, project thinking, planning and implementation, etc. E.V.S. II will build opportunities for the young people to explore different and new cultures, traditions, values, and thus to expand their horizons and European awareness, understanding and accepting the uniqueness of each culture and the importance of their integration at European level. The E.V.S. II project will welcome 4 young people from four European countries who will be able to experience the constructive spirit of volunteering throughout their way to exploring themselves. They are 2 girls and 2 boys aged 20 and 26 who come from smaller provincial towns, speaking different languages, having different educational and professional background and experience. The volunteers in E.V.S. II will participate in the implementation of ongoing projects and activities of the SMART Foundation in the field of volunteering, career development of young people, civic involvement, amateur crafts for people of different ages, and more. One of their main jobs will be in the Youth Information and Counseling Center YICC-Vitosha in Sofia, which is managed by the SMART Foundation in partnership with Community House "Bratya Miladinovi - 1917" and is financially supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. In addition, they will be able to benefit from specially designed for their needs and desires trainings on topics such as career guidance, multicultural dialogue, design thinking and planning, project implementation, entrepreneurship, and others. They will prepare and implement their own initiatives and will lead their own workshops according to their interests and competences, in order to exchange experience, gain knowledge and practice skills. The E.V.S. II participants will study Bulgarian language, will travel around the country to get to know and to feel and experience of the Bulgarian culture. They will meet and work with the local community, other volunteers and organizations. As a result of good execution of the E.V.S. II project, our four volunteers will leave Bulgaria with new knowledge, competencies and skills to build a fulfilling life for themselves, to have satisfying personal relationships in family and society, and to chase successful career. They will have the motivation, attitudes and strength to continue to make good for others, to work on important community causes and solve social problems.
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