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E (uropean) business
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Today Internet has a very large influence on our lives. We use Internet everyday for communicating, for having fun in our free time as well as for working. That`s why many companies throughout the world have transferred from traditional to Internet commerce. We can actually say that e-commerce is the future. Every day millions of people use the Internet to buy and/or sell things, so the future is in the on-line trading. And since the trading depends much on the marketing, we can see that there is a big connection between commerce and marketing, or the e-commerce and e-marketing. This is the main reason why we have decided to prepare the project E(uropean) business. In this project we would like to involve students (15-18 years old) studying Business at our school. They will go to four EU countries to have two weeks traineeships in companies where they could learn more about e-commerce and e-marketing. 4 students will go to Bologna, Italy, 4 students will go to Montijo, Portugal, 4 will go to Leipzig, Germany, and 4 will go to Barcelona, Spain. All of these four EU countries are well developed and have different approaches towards commerce and marketing, so our students will have a big chance to see how European and international companies work, whether and how they use e-commerce, what kind of marketing strategies they use in order to be more successful, whether e-marketing has become more successful than the traditional one etc. This project will also help our students improve their business communication skills. Since Macedonia is a small country, there are not so many big chains of companies as well as internationally working companies where students could experience different marketing techniques and different types of commerce and trading. Also, in Macedonia, the Internet trading and marketing has just started being developed, so the companies don`t have much experience to be part of the big World Wide Web business. That`s why the traineeships would be a great chance for our students to see a part of the EU business world, and gain some knowledge about trading, e-commerce and marketing. They could later use the newly gained knowledge in their future jobs, or that European experience might even encourage them to start their own on-line European or international businesses. Since all the students will have traineeships in different countries and different companies, they will have an opportunity to observe and discover new things, and after the mobility to compare the newly gained business knowledge and realize the differences among businesses in different countries. The other part of this project will be Staff training. Communication, cooperation, entrepreneurial thinking and creative thinking are essential skills for the young people that will enter the labor market in the near future. They should stop being just passive receivers of ideas, but active, creative and resourceful individuals that will create new businesses. That`s why, the students should train in entrepreneurial skills in order to increase their employability. This is the reason why we have decided that 4 teachers from our school will have one week training in Piraeus, Greece on entrepreneurial, networking and communication skills and competences. The main focus of the training will be on how to enhance entrepreneurial thinking amongst students. The training will present a range of forms, tools, methods and ideas with the aim of increasing students` entrepreneurial and creative thinking that are competences increasingly asked for on workplaces in the 21st century. The training will also prepare the teachers on how to enhance knowledge, skills and competences among students on all levels of communication and within various contexts, especially dealing with clients, peers and colleagues. During the training the teachers will be involved in different types of activities, that they could later be used in a classroom with the students. The aim of this training is to help teachers encourage entrepreneurship among young people. This project will have big impact on the participants since they will have European training experience, an opportunity they would not be able to experience in Macedonia. The participants on the traineeships could see the working conditions in international companies and after the training they could compare it with the conditions in Macedonia. The participants in the Staff training will benefit from this project by the experience they would get from training from professionals, by the exchange of experience with European colleagues and also by the networking they might be able to use in their future European projects. The project will also raise participants' awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries, offering them the opportunity to build networks of international contacts, to actively participate in society and develop a sense of European citizenship.
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