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E-Training in bioinformatics for -omics applications
Start date: Oct 1, 2009,

Ebiomix is an e-learning platform in bioinformatics intended as a support to post-graduate students and scientists involved in -omics or systems biology projects. The heterogeneity and the multitude of bioinformatics resources (databases or tools) make their individual use and appreciation difficult though difficulties can be overcome through indexing examples of use in specific contexts. Ebiomix is presented as a didactic guide for an extensive range of on-line databases and tools commonly referred to in -omics applications. An early version of Ebiomix was designed and tested for proteomics ( It was developed with a free content management system and contains light textual information complemented with numerous screenshots and visual information in a user-friendly environment. A collection of case studies is indexed for finding representative and practical usages of each of the resources described. Most references to on-line databases and tools are accessible in real time through cross-links. The same structure would be preserved but improved in Ebiomix and the content would be extended to other -omics related topics (e.g., metabolomics). Such a flexible tool allows keeping up with the constant evolution imposed by frequent new releases of databases, upgrades of on-line software and regular changes of query interfaces which usually precludes from publishing helpful tutorials in books and manuals (otherwise obsolete). In addition, it would offer access to forums and self-testing sections.Ebiomix will be developed within a tight network of collaborators who share and have shared for years a concern for propagating good practices in bioinformatics (including SIB, the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, ineligible in the LLP). A few thousands of users consider the proteomics dedicated site useful. Its extension to other -omics applications and its integration in a wider network are likely to cater for many more users across Europe or worldwide.
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