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E-Tools for E-Schools
Start date: Oct 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

E-tools for E-schools project targets common problems for the educational systems of EU countries such as the existing gap between available technologies and their application in teaching process. The project aims to equip teachers with practical skills and tools for learning resources preparation and use, and to provide them with wide range of teaching ideas and pedagogical instruments concerning the introduction of ICT. The proposal is focused on an innovative approach for teachers training providing more strategic and integrated use of ICTs and open educational resources that will not only straighten the profile of teaching professionals but will also support the implementation of European Commission Action Plan on Opening up Education. EFES project is transnational initiative that will be implemented in Bulgaria, Italy and Greece by organisations with significant experience in teachers training, methodology development and educational research. The expected project outputs are not nationally limited and their application changes the whole concept of the teaching process as not enclosed in the classroom, stimulate trans-school cooperation and networking. The applicant organisations will systematize best examples of e-learning activities and will jointly develop new training tools, and approbate new and modern way of training, based on blended-learning methodology. The blended or hybrid approach combines online with traditional face-to-face class activities in a planned, pedagogically valuable manner and allows flexibility and self-regulation of education without the time and space constraints. Two significant project outputs will remain in use after the lifetime of the project – WebTV and LMS platform. The Web TV will be an e-tool for training teachers how to use ICT in educational process and will combine the best seminar practices, target the existing needs, provide practical examples and templates. This innovative tool will allow unlimited number of teaches to strengthen their digital competences on demand and without any financial constraints. In other words, the WebTV will instruct teachers how to use open source platforms in order to prepare e-lessons for class- and homework. The LMS platform is a learning management system for primary and secondary school teachers based on open source software and divided in different sectors and categories of users. The platform will offer a complete set of services and tools supporting blended learning, such as services for the effective use of multimedia as a powerful learning means, collaborative development of educational templates and learning scenarios reflecting different educational approaches and needs, and services for the creation, management and monitoring of web-based and mobile (location-based) educational assignments. These two intellectual outputs will be applied and tested in three piloting schools - one in Bulgaria, one in Italy, one in Greece. The schools are selected to have good digital provision but limited digital-supported teaching. The piloting stage will provide significant and contextual feedback from the direct target group in each country. The platform and the Web TV will be fine-tuned and improved afterwards and will became more easily accessible and user-friendly. Afterwards, a series of dissemination events are planned in each country in order to popularise the outcomes among the target group and the relevant stakeholders. The final project results will be available in four EU languages – Bulgarian, Italian, Greek and English, and will be adjusted according to the cultural, social and educational context in each country. These products will be integrated in the management and pedagogical framework of the participating organisations. This will not only enlarge the scope of their work but will make the number of the potential users unlimited. In long term perspective, the project goal is to support the ongoing educational reforms in EU countries by providing teachers and students with the skills required by the labour market and the economy, and by mobilizing all stakeholders to change the role of digital technologies at education institutions.
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