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E-STEP to the future (European Sport Think Energise Play)
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our Erasmus+ project „E-Step (European Sport Think Energise Play) to the future“ is a school partnership which includes 6 countries: Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Germany, Slovenia and Italy. The project is based on 5 large topics: -Healthy and sensible life -sports, play and movement -music and dance -culture, customs, traditions, intergenerational dialogue -nature, sustainability, energy, climate protection and recycling This broad field of topics is fundamental to this project. Active learning is supported by different media. Over three years we aim to sensitize childrens´ awareness of the items mentioned above.(Healthy living week, writing a cook book, sports week, intergenerational dialogue...) Children, teacher and parents from different cultures and languages meet each other and cultivate international exchange. With transparency, open minds, creativity and a variety of ideas we want to share these with many people. All participants of the project learn from each other and get the chance to use their potential in an active way. All activities facilitate real and virtual exchanges. We would like to support children to become tolerant, critical thinking, self-confident and team-minded citizens who will be able to develop the future of Europe. Pupils from 3 to 16 years are included in this project. The variety of activities is adapted to their age (kindergarden, preschool, primary and secondary school). The results of the tasks are going to be compared, discussed and exchanged. The exchange takes place in our Online-book and via mail. The partnerschools meet each other regularly.There, they exchange experiences and organize the next steps. In this process they grow together as a community (children included). At the end of this project some products will be produced. They show the „ finished products of the succesfull“ work. So, all participants and their communities get an idea of the sustainability of this project. As a result, we will create a DVD collection of the topics mentioned above, a childrens´ cook book with healthy recipes, curricula, etc....All learning outputs will be found in our online-book „E-Step“ and will be available for every person or institution who wants to improve the well-being of children. These products will symbolise the objectives of the project, their completed outputs and fundamentally thus serve as a means of presenting these to the general public in a dissemination event.
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