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E-sport trainer — New opportunities for youth occupation - pilot strategy for vocational training course in the field of electronic sports

The project will design a new job profile and competences for e-sport trainer, develop curricula for training module and teaching methods and material and pilot the module in partner countries. The project is expected to create new innovative job opportunities especially for unemployed young people and to improve skills in communication and teamwork. International e-sport competitions are involving increasing number of competitors and young people interested in computer games. As a fast growing sector the transformation of e-sports training from an informal to a formal one with the establishments of professional bodies such as e-sports clubs, federations, leagues, etc, there are detected following needs: (1) Common quality criteria for the qualifications of e-sports trainers. (2) A European job profile with recognition as e-sports trainer, as promoter of information society. (3) Measures, practices, work-related pedagogies, tools and curricula for training trainers. Products will be produced in English, Bulgarian, German, Creek and Romanian languages: (1) A description of the job profile and working manual for professional e-sports trainer, also Braille-version. (2) Training curricula and tools for training, also Braille version. (3) Draft handbook with electronic applications for self-training. (4) Pilot-tested training course for e-sport trainers. (5) Web portal system for communication. (6) ICT products in digital form for trainers’ self-training. Dissemination on the results of informal learning (in internet centres and clubs). Being a new professional area, public media (radio, TV, newspapers) is targeted in the dissemination and publicity activities. A network of competent trainers will be established for further dissemination and training of trainers. Participating countries: EL, AT BG, RO
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