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E-process in e-learning
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Oct 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project “E-process in e-learning” is an answer to the lack of e-learning courses which are based on rules of adult learning. The most important rule of adult learning is to give the adult person (participant of workshops or course) the opportunity to learn from his/hers experience and to share it with other participants. Our researches result is, that most of e-learning programs aims is only sharing the theoretical knowledge and student (participant) cannot implement it easy to his/her life. This project will combine the experiences of all Partners from Poland, Belgium, Germany and Latvia in non-formal education and especially in e-processes and learning adults. The aim of the project is to create a model of distance learning process which will consist of best practices in e-learning (using new technologies, ICT tools)and methods related to methodology of adult learning. The second aim is to increase knowledge in the field of open data resources, which can and should be used in nowadays learning, especially in distance learning. Participants: target group of the project are: trainers, facilitators, educators, project managers, who design distance learning processes and ICT experts. Number of participants is c.a. 400 and it contains participants, who will take part in the events of the project (240) and the number of participants who will be involve in activities taken by trainers (seminars and webinars – about 160 all in total), who will finish ToT course or will be given the manual. Below listed activities will be taken during the project (from 09.2014 till 08.2016): • Research in each partner country regarding distance learning, finished with report (analyzing of the contents of e-learning access in each partner countries, the way of implementation of e-learning, what tools are used, what is the role of the trainers, how much the students are involved, what are their tasks to do.) • ToT (Train the Trainers course-seminars) for staff of the partners’ organizations (trainers, managers, experts) from each partner country (theoretical concepts, methodologies, methods, instruments, tools and techniques of a training: distance learning course). During this activity each participant will learn: a/ how to teach the trainers of using ICT in the eduacation b/ how to prepare complete educational program of training with using of ICT b/ how to combine all important elements without forgetting about aims and people c/ how to write a scenario of that course d/ about copyright law in education e/ roles and rules for trainers in adult education. After course, each partner organisation will conduct at workshops directed to trainers and facilitators interested in work with distance learning methods. • Manual for trainers (about 40 pages), it will contain: ToT program in distance learning, practical aspects and experiences ToT course participants, recommendations regarding ICT tools and active methods in adult learning, auxiliary materials - including a glossary, articles and references to the open educational resources. • Open Source Trainer Box(presenting all materials and outputs of the project and data and other useful information and open resources for trainers of adult) • 4 local dissemination events: in Belgium, Germany Poland and Latvia. Their aim is a dissemination of the model of distance learning process, discussion about the challenges in this area with experts. • 8 webinars: each partner will organize webinars for trainers and experts of adult education interested in e-learning that will give the opportunities to participate for those who cannot come on other events like seminars and conferences. • 16 seminars: each partner will organize seminars for trainers and experts of adult education interested in e-learning. Each activity will take into account special needs groups, threatened by social and e-exclusion: elderly people or blind/visually impaired. Results: - 4 national reports of ICT used in non formal adult education (e-learning, b-learning, mobile-learning, others) - Manual/guide for trainers and educators using distance learning in learning process - Model of distance learning - 3 ToT programes for trainers interested in using distance learning in learning process - Trainer Box about Open Data Resources and consisting of useful information about new technologies in learning This results will have impact on: - international exchange of experiences in field of distance learning, - broadening the knowledge of usage of e-learning and ICT in training on the national level and in partners' countries, - increase of competences of the staff in e-learning field, - increase of the usage of ICT in common organizations’ work, especially with contact of stakeholders (webinars), - raising the awareness of the role of ICT in adult education/trainings, the measurement as the number of people participating in seminars conducted during the project, - increase of quality of distance learning in Partners countries
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