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"E + P + A" / Emprendimiento en Primaria bajo el enfoque AICLE
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Starting in September 2016, this two-year project will involve my school "CEIP Manuel de Falla" Jerez . Spain with three other school ( 2 Norther Ireland, Ireland) where different teachers and Headmaster and Vice-headmaster can make "Job- shodowing" . Focusing on developing skill, knowledge and attitudes that help pupils for tomorrow´s world of work. The Culture of Enterprise nowadays is a way of thinking and living; Supporting the enrichment of ideas and new focuses, taking maximum advantage of opportunities, and developing a balanced leadership and a global vision. As a result, we have the foundation of new values and beliefs that benefits entrepreneurs, education, economy, and overall, society. Regarding enterprise in preschool and primary education, our center takes the following as pivotal points when teaching: + To generate knowledge and support the development of the habits, attitudes, and values needed to produce actions for personal growth and transformations towards better environments and society. + To satisfy the social needs of our community, in an ethical manner, with a sense of social responsibility and a perspective of sustainable development. Under the basis of enterprise, the existing focus of our bilingual center is to work on AICLE with some essentials like: * The language (L1/L2) is used not only to learn certain specific contents; moreover the language has to be learned with the final objective of general knowledge and command of the language. * The subject that is being reviewed is what determines the type of language/vocabulary that needs to be learned. * Flow is more important than grammatical precision and linguistics in general. * As observed, all of these principals reflect that, in regards of ACLI/CLIL, collaboration between L2 specialists and the ones in the different subjects is imperative. Collaboration is just as important when it comes to learning material design as much as it is when it comes to the development of lesson plans. Under these principals “P+E+A” (Primary + Enterprise + AICLE), our 2 year project wants to utilize job-shadowing, in two centers in Belfast, UK and other one in Kildare, Ireland, to develop strategies and to share knowledge and attitudes that can help prepare the students for the job market in tomorrow’s society. Teachers share ideas about teaching maths and enterprise, encouraging more creativity in the classroom. Higher standards in mathematics and data of the project at the end of the two years to reveal the impact of the project. i.e. a minimum of an average of three points across the target year groups. All the materials and idean will be discuss under the AICLE focus. Pupils will have an improved attitude towards mathematics and see its relevance to their future success. This will be demonstrated by attitudinal questionnaires both beforehand and afterwards. Greater understanding of what it means to be European and a greater awareness of and respect for each others' cultures. Teachers and pupils gain confidence through shared activities and teamwork across European classrooms. Pupils gain greater awareness of world cultures and issues around Fair Trade and activities like "Cube of Love " / "Calendar of the Year" will be shown in a special meeting "Drums for Peace" Special needs pupils gain confidence through involvement in all activities across the curriculum.
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