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E-Learning system for GMDSS VET

Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) has been fullyimplemented worldwide since February 1999, specifying the GMDSScommunication equipment for marine vessels, and rescue procedures forvessels and humans at sea with the objective to maximise safety at sea.People working in marine areas – mariners, i.e. seafarers, fishermen,yacht captains, sailing boat skippers, marina workers, nautical sciencestudents/cadets, etc. must be qualified through different VET to operatethe specified equipment. All mariners must obtain the appropriate type ofGMDSS certificate, however, the access to the required knowledge islimited (traditional VET is expensive and distance learning is not feasibleexcept for the SRC course) which doesn’t encourage regular refreshingof knowledge – lifelong learning even when it is crucial to ensure safety ofthe crew, passengers and freight (even though this is not a legalrequirement).GMDSS VET providers can’t offer distance learning,because they do not use appropriate technology to be able to do that.Beside that they are dependent on expensive computer simulators of theGMDSS communication devices without royalty free licenses. The aim ofthe project is to offer online GMDSS courses to mariners and to offerdedicated e-learning system to GMDSS VET providers to be able tomaintain such courses. To achieve the objectives, the consortium willdevelop complete online LRC course with all the GMDSS communicationdevices simulators needed because all the GMDSS courses overlap withthe SRC course (already exists) and LRC course, but on differentknowledge levels and enhance the existing GMDSS e-learning system.All results will be available on multi-language in atleast 10 language versions. The products of this project are focused on 2target groups: mariners and GMDSS VET providers. The prevised impacton mariners is to increase their interest in initial GMDSS VET andknowledge updating. The prevised impact on GMDSS VET providers isusage of the GMDSS e-learning system to offer their GMDSS coursesonline. All that should improve safety at sea resulting in lower loss ofhuman lives and material damages.
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