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E-Learning on EU - Adult Education for Teachers

The project addresses the special needs of teachers, trainers, lecturers and other staffworking in education. Especially for this group of professionals, it is extremely importantto have access to LLL, to learn to teach and to keep themselves up to date with modernlearning methods.The aim of the project is to design and offer to the target group a product – an onlinecourse on EU topics which is easily accessible to all of them, which is modern,challenging, European, and which gives them the opportunity to improve not onlyacademic knowledge but also other skills, e.g. digital skills and language skills.The methodology of the work is to share the best practices of 7 partners active ineducation both in formal and informal modes and to collate the best input from each ofthem.The product reflects all the needs of the target group:- It gives them flexibility via its e-learning form- it gives them space to discuss with each other and even with colleagues from othermember state- it is available in their mother language, as well as in foreign language (EN, ES, FR, DE,SK, CZ, RO, PL)- it gives them choice of module according to their interest and field of expertise.The quality of the product is continuously ensured by testing it in workshops with theparticipation of the target group and at an international conference with the participationof representatives of the target group as well as persons responsible for education instate, local and European administration.The valorisation and impact of the results of the project are ensured by comprehensivedissemination and exploitation strategies and their application in at least 7 memberstates.

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