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E-learning in Distributed Data Network Laboratory

The objectives of Edinet are to: 1) analyse common pedagogical principles for blended learning (blended learning include several forms of learning tools) based on common understanding as a ground for Curriculum development and implementation; 2) promote virtual mobility by implementation of Semi-Virtual Campus (SVC means virtual campus where actually study will be done with the real equipment via network connection); 3) enhance Open Education Resources (OER) by sharing, integrating, and mutually improving local resources (including knowledge) and best practices by establishing SVC; and, 4) promote the usage of expensive laboratory environment through an innovative blended eLearning system in the field of data network technology. This SVC experience will encourage intercultural communication between teachers, tutors, mentors, experts, students and researchers. The training modules could be utilised by both students from universities with engineering studies and technical executives from enterprises. The new innovative model of utilising SVC enables utilisation in other technological fields with laboratory environments, too, e.g. in logistics and health care education. Blended learning combines multiple delivery media that are designed to complement each other and promote learning. Blended learning mixes various activities and includes virtual collaboration, web-based courses, face-to-face classrooms, live e-learning and self-based learning. The main activities will be: 1) to generate a common pedagogic framework for international blended learning and research environment; 2) to design blended learning modules activities; 3) to promote and stimulate international communication, cooperative skills, teamwork, and virtual mobility by means of SVC; 4) to establish a system for common use of existing data network laboratories; 5) to develop training programmes for teachers and students; and, 6) to pilot and test selected training modules, the whole concept and the technical system (platform). Main outputs of the project will be: 1) common pedagogical framework for international blended learning; 2) reusable learning modules; 3) functional SVC; 4) training programmes for teachers and students; 5) evaluation of piloting training modules; 6) university portal for SVC; 7) evaluation reports and presentations published in meetings, conferences etc.; and, 8) publicity material including project website.
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