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E-Learning for Acquiring New Types of Skills

The project sets out to enhance employment opportunity for the target groups as a result of acquiring new skills through participation in e-learning courses. Two e-learning courses will be piloted each with identified target groups, the first course will cover the fundamentals of teleworking and will be addressed towards disadvantaged groups such as the disabled and those confined to home. The second course will cover teleinformatics and will be addressed to employees in industrial automation, specifically those requiring re-qualification. The first project phase will consist of a situation analysis in the partner countries with regard to the target groups. Based on the findings of the first phase, the second phase will be dedicated to the development and piloting of two e-learning courses for these target groups. E-learning will be delivered to selected members of the target groups via real and virtual classroom situations. Finally, the third project phase will evaluate the effectiveness of the pilot courses with respect to any impact they might have had on the careers of the target groups. Both pilot courses will be accompanied by: a full electronic version of course content; an electronic and printed version of summarised course content; an electronic and printed summary of experience and recommendations gleaned from the pilots and an electronic and printed multimedia glossary of relevant e-learning terms in the different partner languages. Partial results from the pilot testing will be distributed on an ongoing basis throughout the project's development via the internet, seminars and conferences. A network of training centres will be identified able to deliver the project's e-learning courses and accreditation will also be sought for course content.
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