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In all European countries, the rehabilitation of prisoners has serious problems and too little attention is devoted to projects for education of prisoners and for prisoners professionals. Formative experiences based on distance learning are often little known even within individual countries that have implemented, nor are accompanied by a detailed discussion on results and appropriate assessment procedures.Primary objective of the project "E-learning Education for Prisoners and Prisoners professionals-EEPP" is to establish and develop a dialogue among organizational and managerial staffs of prisons and teachers from educational organizations engaged in working with prisoners, on issues, dynamics and experiences related to the use of ICT and distance learning for those at risk of social exclusion, particularly prisoners, and prisoners professionals. The Project aims also to create a community of trainers able to talk continuously on these issues and to be the sponsoring of new learning opportunities and reintegration into society of persons at risk of exclusion. More generally, the presence of Romania into the partnership will help to overcome prejudice and hostility towards this country, very high recently in Italy and to a better european inclusion of Romania.The project EEPP, (July 2009-August 2011), was developed through:• five meetings in the presence (Fisciano, Italy, October 2009; Buzias, Romania, march 2010, Montpellier, France, march 2010; Buzias, Romania, February 2011, Naples, Italy, July 2011) that were important moments of organization, information, discussion and training.• intensive use of ICT for distance education and communication within the partnership, particularly trough a platform ( made available by Praxiling and a
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