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The European researches have shown that technological ‘hybridisation’, where electric-electronics, mechanics and computer sciences are joined in the new interdisciplinary field mechatronics, is between the structural drivers of change in the electro-mechanical industry.The problem of vocational training schools with mechatronics programs is not only low student capacity another important problem of these schools is their theoretically dominated curricula. According the Employment Politics for Small and Middle Dimension Firms in Turkey and EU Countries there is a great demand for ‘‘mechatronics qualified’’ graduating from these schools. According to "Labour Market and Skills Needs Assessment Survey" performed by ISKUR Mechatronics is taken place on top among featured jobs according to the 245 profession analysis on 4 Level and 253 profession analysis on level 3 related to ISCED 97. To introduce good practices into the areas of vocational training in mechatronics related to national/international qualifications with the support of ICT technologies and with the established methodological as well as didactic approaches are the main aims of the EDUMEC. Specifically, EDUMEC will be developed an e-learning hardware i.e. remote laboratory and multi language software platform consisting of interactive-multimedia e-contents, 3D panoramic virtual tour, simulators and games etc. Both theoretical and practical training will be fully online. A management platform for students and instructors will be created for registering the students to the system, studying subject and working time, appointment system for hardware usage.Education materials will be prepared according to national and international qualifications in accordance with the criteria defined in the EQF (level 3, 4, 5 and 6). So, persons will develop their knowledge and skills according to the standards of professional competence in mechatronics and the number of qualified individuals in the sector will be increase as a result of the project reaches the target audience. EDUMEC makes available working remotely accessible practical environments for the mechatronics fields, so it will offer opportunities to facilitate training for persons with disabilities and other people with special needs. Participants who speak different languages, who have different religions, who come from different racial origins will be educated in accordance with a common goal on EDUMEC. The project consortium has the competence and the quality to create e-learning platform and a remote laboratory that will allow training the people in accordance with vocational standards in the field of mechatronics.Following results will be obtained the scope of the project other than mentioned above: periodic online bulletin, international benchmarking report, International Mechatronics and Robotics Club, international communication with social nets, EDUMEC–certificate, International Database Platform, Informational Video Conference.
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