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E-internationalization for collaborative learning
Start date: Jan 15, 2010,

The project idea is to unite efforts of Ukrainian universities and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in order to promote realization of the public policy in the field of internationalization. It is a good platform for a new qualitative leap and correspondence to the European strategy of Internationalization and Charter on Lifelong Learning. Internationalization of European Higher Education Area by means of information technologies for enhancement of students and teachers’ mobility is the common aim which consolidates activity of project consortium and has an innovative character. We are planning to develop our activity in the framework of Lisbon Declaration and other strategic documents of European Union, including strategic documents of European University Association. Universities are a major driving force in developing strategies and structures for international cooperation and exchange at institutional, national and European level. They are increasingly developing international strategies and profiles that encompass both teaching and research activities, seek to balance cooperation and competition.To promote the idea of internationalization into universities we have formulated three main objectives which are to be achieved with the help of innovative methodics and expertises usage in the framework of the project’s philosophy.The first objective will allows giving the system character to the internationalization processes at universities on the basis of common commitment to quality and IT usage.The second objective is aimed at the creation of international open virtual platform «E-Learning Int.Clearing house» on the basis of WEB 2.0 technology for cross-cultural communications in academic society and for skills development in international project cross-cultural on-line teamwork. With the help of the third objective we are planning to enhance the international communications of teachers and students in the training process while using e-tools of internationalization in pilot courses.The main idea of our proposal is maximal usage of e-component and e-tools based on European tendencies in the field of internationalization of higher education for implementation of internationalization in partner universities taking into consideration separate elements of IAH. All of these facts will be based on results of self-appraisal of universities’ international activity according to the criteria of European assessment system EQUIS. In the framework of project consortium we plan to create International Platform for intercultural communication, to develop/modernize some programs in order to provide both real and virtual network of students’ mobility, mobility of teachers and scientists and the main thing that we are planning is to give system character to internationalization processes at each partner university taking into consideration national traditions and European value. To promote the idea of internationalization in universities by development and using flexible tools which allow HEI to implement their international strategies and to develop dialogue between participants of learning process on the basis of community of interests.

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