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"E-Glodev - Training Programme in e-learning for Global Development"

The Project aims to transfer the results of two previous Leonardo da Vinci projects: GLODEV and Free-Learning. The partners of E-GLODEV thought that, recognizing the competences and missions of each of them, is appropriate to focus on systemizing the results in order to develop and improve the European process of education, training, and competences acquisition, with the final goal of making more effective the process of job inclusion in social, economic and environmental planning activities in depressed areas; this process will include also the training for local agents and social workers involved in Third World development programmes. The E-Glodev project emerges from the recognition of the deep change affecting in the last few years in the Third Sector. The lack of a commonly shared training methodology and philosophy has generated an amount of training approaches, techniques and strategies; most of them have shown to be inadequate to the specific needs of the third sector, maninly because they are not adequately supported by a research and experimentation scientifically validated. The E- Glodev project aims to link the design of a model systemizing the results of the research in the field of training with the e-learning approach in the Third Sector. The E-Glodev project aims to involve as target groups selectors and recruiters of Development Agencies, staff personnel from Education and Training bodies, NGOs, Trade Unions. The social workers and professional working within these organizations have an educational background based on formally, informally, non formally acquired and diversified competences. It appears necessary to identify theoretical frames, methods,instruments to be adopted in order to promote an effective interaction between all these individual cultural richnesses and the context they are currently working in. To achieve these objectives a partnership will be created in order to integrate the competences and experiences on the Third Sector and Voluntary Service and the know how on the theoretical, scientific issues of the learning process, including the focus on the opportunities offered by the new technologiues and the e-learning tools. The partnership will have a wide regional coverage, in order to provide a large set of experiences, expertises, and approaches.
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