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E for Equality
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Nowadays LGBT communities all over the world are facing various problems: inequality, discrimination and injustice which frequently follow to exclusion, lack of confidence or unemployment of LGBT people. The basis of this is in stereotypes and prejudices about lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people in modern society. This is the reason why LGBT organizations should pay more attention to cooperation with media in a proper way. During this project we will use the constructive power of media to create tolerant and well informed attitude in relation to LGBT. The overall aim of this training course is in empowerment of the LGBT youth to active participation in the society in order to achieve equality. Objectives of the project: - To give the opportunity for participants to obtain the new knowledge, skills and competences in the field of youth work with specific emphasis on fighting with discrimination based on sexual orientation; - To foster the social inclusion of people with fewer opportunities (social obstacles) by providing the safe platform special for the persons from LGBT community; - To support the international dialog between organizations; - To foster the follow-up projects and future cooperation in frame of Erasmus+ Programme; - To develop participants’ capacity such as public speaking, leadership and activism; - To improve participants’ foreign language skills; - To contribute to development of the youth work through improvement of participants’ personal skills and professionalism (employability); - To encourage creative approach to problem solving; - To promote healthy life style through realization of sport activities and “vega days” during the project. This training course is planned to be realized for young people and youth workers from LGBT community. Forty participants (4 per country) and five staff persons from Europe, Western Balkans and EECA countries will be united under one theme: how to combat discrimination and achieve Equality. “E for Equality” project is 10-days training course which consists of various activities: theoretical sessions, practical activities, meetings with the interesting guests from local community, excursions, evening sport activities dedicated to personal and professional development of young representatives of LGBT community from Europe and Neighboring Countries. This training course is planned to be realized according to the principle of “lifelong learning” through the methods of non-formal education. Group discussion activity, open space, role games, ice-breakers, NGO fair, and workshops will foster the participants' personal, social and professional development. Throughout the training course participants will have a chance to obtain the new knowledge and skills regarding media literacy and cooperation with media. As a part of evaluation process they will be proposed to put their new knowledge into practice and disseminate the project results Among the preferable results for participants of this training course: • public speaking; • leadership • creativity and entrepreneurship; • communication in foreign language (improved foreign language in specific topic); • experience in real communication with national media after the project; The skills for professional development, work in NGO and employability: • How to cooperate with media; • How to plan the public event; • How to write the press-announcement; • How to prepare the press release and post release about event; For partner organizations: • new direction of cooperation with media, because of the new skills of their activists; • strong partnership for the future cooperation on European/International scene. Visual results for dissemination: • Anti- discrimination activity which will be prepared and realized by participants of this training course; • Digital workbook “HOW TO USE THE MEDIA AS A TOOL FOR ACHIEVING EQUALITY”; • Photo and video about training course. The impact of this training course is foreseen in development of the participants’ new skills and competences which will lead to development of their organizations in the field of promoting human rights, tolerance and equality. Hopefully it would be the small steps in creating of the new positive image of LGBT community in the future. The new skills and capacity will contribute to employability of these certain participants in particular and will reduce the high levels of unemployment in general.
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