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E.A.T. - European Alimentation in Travel
Start date: Oct 1, 2014, End date: Apr 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Association Civiltà 2.0 - Having noticed at local level (both from the competent administrations and the youth sides) a lack of sensitivity on important topics like the development of a European Awareness among young people and the Intercultural Dialog; - Considering those topics as fundamentals in order to contribute all together to the establishment of a better Europe more sensitive and responsive to our needs; - Wishing for a transnational and European relationship network reinforcement, in order to promote the growth and the opening of our territory to the European reality; Has decided to open itself to a transcultural and European dimension in order to get Youth closer to Europe and its values through the several opportunities it can offer for their education and personal growth. We strongly believe that this intercultural exchange has brought new linguistic skills to the participants who were able to manage and apply their abilities in a more convenient and friendly environment. We would also like to highlight our decision to achieve our goals through an universal language such as the Alimentary Traditions present in all European countries. This was intended to reach the participant’s hearts and minds with the strongest possible impact. We started from the common value of a healthy alimentation and its psycho-physical benefits, by ending with a deep examination of the different alimentary traditions of each participants’ country, in order to explore their important contribute to the social integration and to the cultural comparison. The whole process was transposed in a European dimension in which particularly significant were the creativity and the active involvement of each participant. To do so, we took advantage of a well-though strategic partnership in order to promote the exchange of Intra-European Best Practices. The participants have been chosen through public announcements which indicated the project application modalities. Within the selection stage we paid a huge attention in order to assure the gender balance and also to involve people with fewer opportunities (due to economic, social or cultural obstacles) by identifying who, among them, had never had the chance to take part in intercultural projects and to experience the so-called European Added Value. The project E.A.T. - European Alimentation in Travel lasted nine days (16th-24th of February 2015), it took place in Santa Maria A Vico (in the province of Caserta) and involved 33 young people aged 17 to 30, coming from 5 different European countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Latvia and Romania. The scheduled activities went from the individual and group research (which trained and prepared the participant to the exchange activities) to the icebreaking, team building, exchange and informal and peer-to-peer educational activities. Workshops and Taste laboratories on typical local products took place together with cultural events and walking tours arranged to reevaluate the territory Alimentary Traditions. Furthermore a creative writing workshop was scheduled in order to create a European Recipe Book which also included an ad hoc built “Index of European Appreciation (Europeadvisor)”of the tasted recipes during the exchange activities. All these mentioned activities were finalized to acquire a deeper knowledge and awareness of each own’s alimentary tradition and its psycho-physical benefits as well as the foreign ones. Therefore, each participant has been able to mature and improve its: organizational skills, talents to work in team and for objectives, self-respect and its sense of European belonging by elaborating shared recipes. The applied methodologies had, as key pedagogical principles, the active participation and the informal and peer-to-peer education. Then, based on an on-going learning and improving approach we realized, within the project activities’ development, several moments of brainstorming which helped monitoring the entire process flow and verifying its accordance with the project’s objectives. This project has been an important “Window” which allowed the participants to discover new realities, deeply different from their own, and offered them a priceless opportunity of personal growth. About the local context, thanks to the widespread work of sharing information, which aim was to divulge all the possible opportunities given by the Erasmus + Programme and the results of the E.A.T project, it has been possible for lots of people to take part in this experience and stimulate further reflections on an Active European Citizenship.
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