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Dzisiaj doświadczenie – jutro zatrudnienie – zagraniczne praktyki zawodowe dla uczniów szkół Powiatu Głogowskiego
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Experience today-employment tomorrow-foreign placements for students of District Głogowski" incl. the implementation of the 4-week apprenticeship for 5 educational institutions from District Głogowski. 67 students of technical and vocational schools teaching in various professions will take part in every edition on this project. There’ll be organized two editions, and the project will include 134 students in total. Students will be trained at schools to go through participation in activities on the field of professional, linguistic, educational and cultural. At the time of staying in Germany there’ll be a teacher from their school, who will take care of the students during the stay. Practices will be hold both, in German factories as well as vocational training establishment. Implementation of the project will include two editions: the first in the school year 2015/2016 and the second in the school year 2016/2017 (trips to the practices will be implemented from Nov. to Apr.). Professional Practice will be hold under the plan which is drawn up for each occupation in accordance with the core curriculum. After returning home will be recognized the student’s outcomes of learning skills and qualifications. They’ll receive documents certifying their participation like certificates, on the basis of which credited school academic subjects and the school will be able to consider the apprenticeship mandatory and credit all academic subject onto basis of them. Students before and after their return fill a table with a self-assessment and self-assessment of language proficiency in personal and social competence. There’ll be assessed the skills acquired by ECVET on the basis of the documentation - sheet evaluation, validation survey. Europass Mobility will be the most important document, that students will receive and it can help them to find a job more easily. During this foreign stay, students of vocational schools will apprenticeships that’ll contribute to their development, they’ll have the opportunity to learn how companies in Germany operate, what are the rules and work culture. Participation in practice provide them to acquire the experience required in today's job market. In addition, they’ll have the opportunity to improve the German language, cognition, mentality and culture of the western countries. As part of the visit is also provided a rich cultural program, under which is planned the numbers of trips and excursions, visiting interesting places in terms of historical and cultural interest. In addition, participants will be in constant contact with their peers from Germany. During the trip they’ll also develop their social skills and personal, because they’ll be in constant interaction with the environment. The main objectives of the project include: the acquisition by the students practical skills required in the labor market, to encourage language learning, to stimulate creativity, personal development and increased independence. As well as increasing the attractiveness and quality of the educational offer of District Głogowski high schools, gaining new experience on the implementation of the mobility of students in our schools and the recognition of qualifications, skills and competences acquired during international apprenticeship in accordance with the principles of ECVET. The benefits that students will undoubtedly achieve project deliverables which include primarily: -Work experience, practical skills needed for the European labor market while participating in apprenticeships -Improving language skills, allowing free use of the German language in the workplace and in everyday life -The development of social skills and personal, self-management skills in life and work, coping with difficult situations, decision-making -Expand their cultural horizons, fostering openness and tolerance for other cultures and mentalities -An increase in professional motivation and self-esteem -Prepare to take up employment, stimulate creative thinking and entrepreneurship development. The benefits of the project will also receive surroundings. The authority conducting the score more professional experience in obtaining external funds and the project will ensure the public schools for students at the European level. Improve the quality of school education by introducing new forms of teaching, will establish international cooperation in the field of vocational training, teachers will acquire new professional experience. The ground floor of the project and companies from Germany will gain a well-prepared young people to serve apprenticeships, which in perspective can return to the German labor market. In the future, our students are also employees of the local labor market, which will become well-educated staff with international experience, familiar with foreign languages and culture and mentality of the western neighbor. Implementation of the project, therefore, will have wide impact and long-term benefits.
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