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Dzielimy się bogactwem i różnorodnością Europy
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school aims to prepare young people to live in a united Europe and develop the ideals of tolerance, equality and cooperation in all areas of life.These aims imply the following goal: to bring up and educate young people to participate in life without inhibitions or national phobias and respect for others. This collaboration develops the idea of using the wealth and diversity of Europe.By doing so, our region, including our educational establishment, will be enriched and act as a hub of activity for young people who are open and tolerant and actively exploring the traditions of other countries and regions, in particular German and English speaking ones, but also sharing their cultural richness.In order to educate and bring up a new citizen of Europe we plan to expand our school with a bilingual class with Polish and English as the language of instruction and German as a mandatory supplementation. The subjects which will be taught in the two languages are literature, both Polish and foreign, geography, mathematics, economics and biology. The remaining subjects in the Polish schools would be taught as have been required so far. There is a clear need to prepare teachers to be more fluent in English. To achieve this objective, our first action is the participation of teachers in these subjects in English language teaching courses in different parts of Europe. Teaching school subjects in two languages will allow our students to take bilingual exams and international high school diploma. It will be one of the first levels of the career development of a young person, such as studies in a foreign language or in another region of Europe, and the establishment of professional contacts in various fields of activities. In addition, we would like to extend the methodology of teaching English and German languages. To achieve this we would like to send the teachers of those languages on methodological training in Germany, Austria and Malta.Given the geographical location of our country and our region we also intend to expand neighbourly relations with German speakers. Cultural community imposes on us the need for an agreement mainly with representatives of other faiths and religions inherent in the people of different sex, age and skin colour.An important objective of our project is the use of new technologies, as thanks to them distances have shortened and a means of the rapid flow of information has been built. Our program would seek to learn the terminology and information instructions and technology in the methodology of teaching school subjects. The teachers who we wish to send to learn how to use technology in the classroom would be English language teachers. Through their participation in such schooling they will be able to share their knowledge with all employees of our school. To fulfil our ideas we also want to develop general culture classes with particular emphasis on tradition of English and German speaking countries. This is already implemented in the language and culture learning during the week workshops for teachers and students in London. We would like to expand the project to other cities in Europe, hence the need for the relevant training of this type. For cultural courses we would like to send two English teachers to Dublin in Ireland.European youth is interested in studying and working abroad immediately after finishing their education - this leads us to confront our educational and pedagogical experience with other countries. Hence the need for teachers of subjects such as English, German, economics and biology, geography and mathematics. Our colleague dealing with professional work orientation will draft a project and show how to implement it for ways of looking for universities and jobs.Thus the main result of this project is education and upbringing of the young man who will not be limited to traditional thinking imposed on him by local tradition. Teaching staff will expand their skills and confront them with the experience of representatives of the profession in other countries. Detailed results are: a modern work of the school as an educational institutions, new methods and aims of teaching. It is also an international exchange and linguistic-cultural workshops with schools in other countries. The teachers will communicate their experience to colleagues in the city and region. Our city will open up through cultural, linguistic cooperation and the cooperation in the labor market which may work out an unemployment prevention program. Among other educational institutions our school will be able to present itself as open to innovation, experimentation and cultural dialogue.
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