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Dyslexia for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language
Start date: Nov 1, 2011,

The project aims to reinforce support for dyslexic students in mainstream education through foreign languageteacher training.Dyslexia can bring about serious educational consequences which leave their imprint on social and emotionalwell-being of an individual, during school years and later on in adulthood. Individuals with dyslexia are prone toencounter difficulties in foreign language study, varying in scope and intensity. At the same time teachers’awareness of dyslexia still seems rather poor and that is why explaining the nature of dyslexic difficulties andeffective teaching methods to pre-service and in-service foreign language teachers is so important. There existgreat social demand and pressure on teachers to be able to understand and help students with dyslexia toachieve success in educational endeavour. Also foreign language teachers themselves repeatedly report theneed for a comprehensible guidance on how to work with these students, since these issues very rarelyconstitute a part of curricula realized during teacher training.Project outcomes will include the following: results of conducted needs analysis, course design – generalframework, content matter and worksheets; Internet-based learning modules (moodle/VLE) for teachers;exploitation plan for implementing results, European Website+platform providing a source and forum forinformation exchange and reflection.We believe that well-qualified foreign language teachers – aware of dyslexic difficulties, possessing relevantskills, materials, techniques, methods and pedagogical strategies – are better prepared to cater for the needs ofstudents with dyslexia with reference to successful inclusion into mainstream foreign language classroom. Weintend to concentrate on teachers of English because it is the most commonly taught foreign language atEuropean schools and at the same time very difficult, especially for students with dyslexia, due to itsorthographic depth.
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