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Dynamin Identity
Start date: 01 Dec 2012,

Over the last decade Internet is spreading within Europe and beyond. Surveys on children indicate that their first online experiences begin at the age of eight, while as they grow their online time increases rapidly in frequency and duration. This is alarming because except from its benefits, Internet brings with it several risks or even hazards.Parents, who are troubled about children’s online safety, may, at best, take protective measures, but these usually have a prohibitive character and limit online experiences. In addition there are still parents who do not even have the knowledge to react and there are children that have no one to turn to when something upsets them.D-ID aims to study children’s online profiles and their relation to internet risk/hazards and create a training material for teachers. Teachers will be trained to follow a new curriculum and improve in-service training in regards to online safety. This will be applied to children in the form of a workshop. The workshop will include various activities (interviews, serious games, software applications etc,) many of which will be based on new pedagogical approaches and novel technologies (Augmented Reality). Through this module, teachers will effectively empower children’s abilities on creating online identities. The final outcome on the children is to secure their online experiences through the enhancement of their understanding on Internet safety. This way children will exploit online opportunities without limiting them for the sake of protection.The training material of D-ID will be available freely on the project’s web site. Teachers will be able through multimedia instructions and detailed documentation to be self-trained to organize and conduct the workshops at their schools. In addition to its impact to teachers and children, D-ID will target any organization/institute that is active on education. All products of the project will be available in English, Dutch, Polish and Greek.
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