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Dynamics, noise, and coupling in gene circuit modules (Coupled gene circuit)
Start date: Feb 1, 2014, End date: Jan 31, 2019 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Cells must integrate output from multiple genetic circuits in order to correctly control cellular processes. Despite much work characterizing regulation in these circuits, how circuits interact to control global cellular programs remains unclear. This is particularly true given that recent research at the single cell level has revealed that genetic circuits often generate variable or stochastic regulation dynamics. In this proposal we will use a multi-disciplinary approach, combining modelling and time-lapse microscopy, to investigate how cells can robustly integrate signals from multiple dynamic genetic circuits. In particular we will answer the following questions: 1) What types of dynamic signal encoding strategies are available for the cell? 2) What are the benefits of dynamic gene activation, whether stochastic or oscillatory, to the cell? 3) How do cells couple and integrate output from diverse gene modules despite the noise and variability observed in gene circuit dynamics?We will study these questions using 2 key model systems. In Aim 1, we will examine stochastic pulse regulation dynamics and coupling between alternative sigma factors in B. subtilis. Our preliminary data has revealed that multiple B. subtilis sigma factors stochastically pulse under stress. We will look for evidence of any coupling or interactions between these stochastic pulse circuits. This system will serve as a model for how a cell uses stochastic pulsing to control diverse cellular processes. In Aim 2, we will examine coupling between a deterministic oscillator, the circadian clock, and multiple other key pathways in Cyanobacteria. We will examine how the cell can dynamically couple multiple cellular processes using an oscillating signal. This work will provide an excellent base for Aim 3, in which we will use synthetic biology approaches to develop ‘bottom up’ tests of generation of novel dynamic coupling strategies.
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