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Dynamical and creative Mathematics using ICT
Start date: Nov 1, 2010,

In the last few decades the nature of mathematics and its evolution over time have been influenced by the new technologies. Future and in-service teachers need some concrete examples, hints and good practices on how to apply dynamical ICT and at the same time to develop effectively the dynamical thinking, reasoning and creativity of their pupils. We plan to look for and produce such examples and didactic materials. We will tackle this situation with two approaches: a) show how the use of ICT can develop the visualization process, b) show how to make visual reasoning an acceptable practice in math education in combination with algebraic reasoning. Expected results: 1. E-Book with materials: a) Examples showing how the use of ICT can develop further the visualization process, b) Examples of simulations of real or hypothetical processes, so that appropriate math models will be constructed and will be further improved to aid the learner, c) Instructions and tips on how to use ICT to improve the simulation and modelling skills together with creativity of pupils. 2. Preliminary Course, e-learning course and workshop for pre- and in-service-teachers a) to show examples from 1a, b) instruct and help teachers develop context, using examples from 1b.3. Web-page containing e-book, materials for courses and a platform for e-learning course.4. Final conference to present materials to teacher educators, teachers and teacher students, with workshops to actively work with and develop further materials. The main expected impact is concentrated on the real, qualitative preparation of math teachers to apply dynamical ICT and in the same time to develop effectively the dynamical thinking, reasoning and creativity of their pupils. Other impact: a) avoiding to fall into the technology = computation trap; b) nurturing a positive attitude towards mathematics and raising curiosity about mathematics and mathematical thinking that can serve as the basis of lifelong learning.

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