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Dyadic Secures The Breach (DSTB)
Start date: Apr 1, 2015, End date: Mar 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Over the last years, the world has seen an unprecedented escalation in the number and size of data breaches. In 2013, a total of 550 million identities were breached; a 62% increase over 2012. In addition, the cost of breaches is rising, with a worldwide average of over $3 million per breach. Hacking is the primary causes of data breaches, and today’s existing solutions are simply not sufficient to meet the threat.The objective of Dyadic Security is to provide high security to organizations, and to protect digital assets, even in the event of a network breach. Dyadic’s Distributed Security Module (DSM) is a unique software-only offering that provides the highest level of security while being affordable and easy to deploy. At the core of the DSM lies cutting-edge technology based on decades of cryptographic research on secure multiparty computation (MPC). Dyadic’s DSM solves the inherent single point of failure in all of today’s security systems. Strong cryptographic solutions exist for protecting data, securing web traffic, authenticating users, and so on. However, they all rely on the secret key and authentication credentials (e.g., passwords) remaining secret. In today’s reality where hackers get past firewalls and penetrate deep into networks, these keys and credentials are stolen thereby rendering all cryptographic protection useless. Dyadic’s DSM randomly splits keys and credentials across servers so that they are never in any single place to be stolen. The advanced protocols used in the DSM ensure that even if some of the servers are breached and completely controlled by an attacker, the secrets and credentials cannot be stolen. The result is that digital assets remain safe, even when all else has failed and attackers are inside the network. Dyadic has a disruptive and innovative product range which, in contrast to existing solutions, provides protection in the event of a breach, and not just detection.
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