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Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The success of education depends on adapting teaching to individual differences of the students. Teaching today's generation of students undoubtedly raises the need to change the forms and methods of knowledge transfer. Although all new documents in the field of education theory shows that they care about all students equally and that they guarantee everyone equal access to education, we are aware that in practice that is not the case. The curriculum is adapted to the average student , and it does not leave to the teacher enough time to concentrate on working with students with special educational needs, such as students with disabilities and gifted students. Their education, way of teaching and monitoring are regulated by the applicable laws and regulations. They both require an individualized approach, different and alternative teaching methods, different forms of knowledge evaluation and monitoring their achievement, which often due to the large number of students in the classes and the extensiveness of the teaching material, in the real situation can not be realized. Therefore, working with students with disabilities and those gifted is mainly organized through a supplementary or additional classes. To be able to provide a different way of acquiring knowledge to the students on both sides of the Gaussian curve with the aim of achieving better learning outcomes and realize their potential, teachers of our school decided to acquire new skills and competencies that will enable them to acquire new skills. Being a large school with over 600 students, we are planning 19 mobilities for primary level teacher, foreign language teachers, mathematics and computer science, biology, art, Croatian language and history teachers, pedagogue, therapist, psychologist, teaching assistants, project coordinator and school director to realize the goals of the Development plan. These are: the introduction of new educational and pedagogical methods and models in the school curriculum and work with children with special educational needs, the use of new technologies in order to adopt knowledge on their familiar way to increase students' motivation to learn, finding new ways of evaluation of student achievement that is not based only on numerical evaluation and implementation of good practice ideas from other European schools with rich experience in dealing with such pupils based on individualized programs, enriched content, research and problem solving teaching for gifted students and specially adapted programs and trained teaching assistants to make better progress of students with special needs. Objectives of the European Development Plan can be achieved only if each participant after returning from its mobility implements it's knowledge acquired at professional training in the school curriculum. Therefore we have created a long-term and sustainable plan. The greatest emphasis will be visible in primary teaching classrooms because we found out that the class teacher, being for four years in direct contact with the student is the most important to identify their needs in the early phase. School psychologist will establish the group for gifted students with high abilities in mathematical , intellectual and creative area called " Pushing the limits ", through workshops on how to teach and how to encourage a child's potential teachers, parents and students will be educated , additional mathematics classes will be preformed in order to focus the training tasks for the competition on the project and workshop form of work, the Project will be organized on which students will transfer to other students gained knowledge through workshops to other students in which they will have the role of leader. In order to popularize mathematics, a Mathematical evening will be organized, a trilingual website of the project will be developed, the flipped classroom model will be used to motivate students to further explore particular teaching subjects using ICT. For students with learning disabilities and attention disorders, workshops on early literacy and graphomotoric excercises will be organized, new applications for acquiring knowledge will be used, adaptation of methods and content will be made, individualized learning programs will be developed, practical activity such as Home economics and Culture of living as a model of professional orientation will be introduced into curriculum, new forms of knowledge evaluation from numerical evaluation to a portfolio method as a comprehensive method of monitoring of student achievement based on ability will be used. The experiences of good practices from European schools on the basis of study visits will be implemented and new cooperation based on common projects with the goal of internationalization of the institution will be designed. Based on the evaluation and dissemination plan made, we will be able to monitor the project's success and sustainability.

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