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Start date: Jul 1, 2009,

Project „Dunavijada“ is planned as two months (July-August) project during poor summer season in Vukovar and to give an opportunity to young people from different surroundings and different countries to spend some time together, to work together and share their experience. The main objectives of the project are: • To bring young people together from different places, different ethinic/cultural/religious groups in order to create an opportunity for creation of multiethnic and multicultural environment • To promote diversity, tolerance and non-violence • To promote youth work in practice • To increase visibility of the organisation in the community During the project we will work on tolerance, human rights, non-violence, anti-discrimination, health issues, solidarity, team work, youth work. Methods to be used are individual work, group work, community work, games, outdoor activities, tournaments. In two months we are planning to organise summer camp. We are also planning 2 tournaments and different outdoor activities for all our participants. In this project we are planning to include youth from Vukovar downtown as well as youth from Vukovar rural areas and try to bring one youth group from Bosna and Hercegovina. We are planning to implement our project in several locations in town. Most of activities will be done in YPGD Youth club and premises but also at Vukovar Ada (Danube Island). Beside our local volunteers and staff member we are planning to involve one International volunteer from Poland
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