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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project's goals for Care and social program in Luleå is that during an initial period of two years, allowing five students from grade three carry out their final practice (APL) in Dublin, Ireland. The practice spans over three weeks (excl. one travel day in each direction). The students, who prepared the ability to implement its APL in Dublin, is based on the following criteria / requirements: 1. No absenteeism. 2. Approved rating of completed and ongoing courses. 3. Documented good command of english language (their english teacher is consulted). 4. A personal letter designed with a clear objective. 5. Individual interview based on the student's personal letters. 6. Drawing of lots if the number of applicants who passed the point 1-5 is more than the number of points (five). Those who are chosen will be prepared for the practice to be good as possible. The placement will take place in nursing homes and homes for disabled persons under the supervision and with the support of a local tutor, students will also have the opportunity to implement their high school work (a compulsory course in swedish upper secondary school) in Ireland. Students will have continuous supervision / support of a character subject teacher from the home school during the APL -time. During the training period, they will develop their skills train in cooperation and to adapt to an unfamiliar work environment, and to use their acquired knowledge in health care. They also need to communicate with staff and patients / residents / clients. Another part of learning is linked to the students to reflect on the differences / similarities between health and social care work at home and in Ireland. The goal of the project is to increase the attractiveness of studies in the health care area. This is because a number of health professions is classified as shortage occupations in several European countries today. Students will also gain an insight into the increasingly global labor that characterizes the Europe of today. Another goal is to improve the quality of our teaching / training locally, thereby also increasing the quality of the care that is enforced in practice among our customers (Luleå kommun and Norrbottens läns landsting). In addition to the above, our goal is for the students to develop their linguistic and professional skills and enable them to communicate these to their classmates, but also to other programs of Lulea secondary school.
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