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Drugs do not know borders (Drugs)
Start date: Oct 31, 2011, End date: Oct 30, 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Border regions have always been especially exposed to the risk of increased drug use. This problem roots in the fact that there is no connection, harmonised action and exchange of experience between institutions for drug prevention of the two countries. Moreover, representatives of frontier defence and the police have contacts only with their colleagues from the other country, but none with the state and municipal institutions and NGOs for drug prevention. The objective of the project is to harmonise drug prevention programs on both sides of the border, to present these programs to each other, to open the door to the exchange of experience and to translate this knowledge into practice – all in order to reduce drug use in the region. The aim is to provide adequate information to direct and indirect target group about the reasons for the emergence of drug addiction, its course, the available assistance, innovative and effective approaches of prevention, as well as the visual appearance, usage and dangers of certain drugs. Achievements: On Hungarian side in the first reporting period 3 workshops and one project meeting wereorganized.In the second reporting period 9 workshops were organized, where drug prevention experts andex-drug users from Serbia shared their experience with children.On the occasion of the International Anti Drugs Day, besides the drug prevention programs goingon all day, we let 500 balloons go on both side of the border.High school students living in the Homokhát Subregion visited the Metamorphozis exhibition inSubotica 9 times.During a study trip Hungarian drug prevention experts visited the drug prevention institutionsoperating in Subotica. In the third reporting period 2 workshops were organized.On 26th October 2012 the Project's closing conference took place at the Community Center ofZákányszék. Strategies for long term cooperation were also defined. In the second part of the project, a group of twenty educational and health care professors, from thesocial protection field visited Mórahalom and Szeged's drug prevention, treatment abdrehabilitation institutions in order to establish technical cooperation and exchange of experience.This visit continued with the visit of experts from Hungary to Subotica, where they learned aboutthe domestic drug treatment and prevention. Students from Homokhát Micro Region visited theExspecto Foundation of Mental Hygiene, where they participated at workshops, viewed theexhibition. 4 groups of students from Kanijza visited the Exspecto Foundation of Mental Hygiene,where they participated at workshops, viewed the exhibition and participated in our researchquestionnaire.26 June International Day against Drugs at Subotica's main square within of a large-scale program,1 project meeting was held in Subotica, attended bythe affected experts taking part in the project, from both Hungary and Serbia.In the final stage, the exhibition visiting secondary school children (from Serbia and Hungary) questionnaires has been processed, in which the drug-consuption habits, drug-related attitudes,knowledge, etc...-was tested, and the results were evaluated. After the evaluation, the DrugPrevention Treatment and drug study was made for the border region, on three languages.We organized a few workshops in Subotica, on which more than 120 secondary school studentsparticipated.Three-day training, workshop was held for teachers and experts from the Homokhátregion (Hungary). Two days of the training was held at Zákányszék, and the third day at Subotica.During September, Anonymus Alcoholics and Anonymous Narkomans NGO group from Hungaryheld demonstrations group session in Subotica.The one-year results and activities of our cooperation was presented in Zákányszék at the closingconference.
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