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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Setting up a competitive, dynamic and healty social environment for EU citizens has become an important European issue in the recent years. Pursuing the main objectives of the Strategy EU 2020, for smart sustainable and inclusive growth, we advocate for improving employment opportunities and reduction of the share of early school leavers. Dealing with young dropouts and unemployment especially among the young generation represents one of the core problems of today's Europe. The number of unactive youngsters - NEET's (not in education, employment or training) in the modren Europe is still very high. Early school leavers tend to face problems in finding a job and are ussually not involved in participation in active society. The consequences of early school dropout are usually related to social exclusion and poverty. Our main objective is to improve the level of key compenteces and skills for young people, especially those with fewer opportunities, needed for the competitive entrance to the labour market and cuntributing to a cohesive society. With that purpose we will analyse existing programs of participating partners, exchange experience, reveal good practises in the field of youth work, prepare, develop and promote an improved and complex model of approaches and innovative contents in the field of career guidance for youngsters.On the one hand, our target group are vulnerable young people, especially NEET, with their specifics that require special approaches and on the other, youth workers who are dealing with those youngsters. We wish to empower both target groups with skills needed for the best possible outcome of the projects. Specific number of cooperating participants are mentors from each partner countries. The main project activities of the project are:1.Exchange of good practice dealing with dropoutsPartner institutions share their good experience and approaches in working with young NEET in their countries.2. Setting up the project Website Website with description of the project, information about the project objectives, progress of the work and intelectual outputs.3. Identification of best practices and modules in the field of career guidance for young NEET The findings of the research in the field of career guidance for young NEET will be summarized in an overview on the different national transition systems and their approaches in the field of career guidance for young NEET. 4. Suggestion, proposals on e-quidance Partner institutions will prepare a suggestions/proposals for design a common career E- guidance working with NEET that will offer new contents and successful approaches in the field of career guidance in order to increase competitiveness in the labour market and improve overall social skills needed to be able to achieve a certain quality of life.5. Development of career E-guidence on the basis of proposals of all partnersCareer E-guidance will summarize the findings from the analysis in the field of career guidance and will focus on examples of good practice. 6.Smart steps for making a pitch On the basic of foundings and analyses our key activity is to make smart steps on how to make a video presentation (pitch - video CV)7. Evaluation The project will be monitored by evaluations carried out after each activity and at the end of the project. That will mark the quality and moving to the next stage. 8. Dissemination of the project Project results will be announced and widely promoted throughout the project duration (media articles, leaflets, promo spots, website,...). A final international conference will sum up and conclude project activities and present intelectual outputs. 9. Final Report, documenting all the activities undergone and the achievements made. The methods the partnership uses differ from case to case depending from the respective activity and include discussions,research, analysis, developing, reporting, summary. Our aim is to create web site, containing relevant information about the project and esspecially promoting our main objectives, career e-quidance for mentors and trainers, containing new and improved, enriched approaches, contents or methods working with the target group in the field of career guidance. Special attention will be paid to developing a new model of approach towards labour market and potential employers, video presentation, pitch-video CV. It is one of the modern aproach within career quidance and it is well acepted among employers in Europe. Our project will impact both trainers and mentors working with young dropouts as NEETs population of our partner countries and possibly wider. Our wish is to improve educational and training programs for NEET, so that they will benefit more from it in particular, in the field of career guidance, since employability is related to an active citizenship and quality of life.
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