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Drop by Drop ... a water journey through time

During 2009-2011 schools from six countries - Italy, Germany, France, Greece, Portugal and the Netherlands – have explored the topic ‘Water and Culture’ through a Comenius project called ‘Drop by Drop’. The main aims of this partnership have been the following:- to encourage a positive attitude towards persons, ideas and customs from various countries and to enhance a common European consciousness;- to promote a European dimension of matters as regards exchange of findings, ideas, solutions through student communication, exchange of photos and objects;- to encourage ICT-based techniques and practices and to increase pupil motivation for foreign language learning;- to promote friendship and feelings of equality with a view to avoid discrimination;- to enhance pupil motivation for learning;- to enhance the acceptance of migrant pupils among school societies and understanding the nature of their situation;- to encourage respect for nature and sensitisation to environmental problemsAll participants have agreed that both children and tutors have benefited by project activities. Cooperation has been intensive and fruitful. Goals expected have been attained, and a number of other achievements were added. The project has also allowed the exchange of practices among teachers from different countries, and has promoted a new prism of working methods. The atmosphere during mobility meetings has always been positive. What is more, the experience gained is considered invaluable. Dealing with the topic of water has led all partners to a better understanding of the complexity and diversity of our planet and at the same time has increased our awareness of a collective responsibility for the world we live in. Water turned out to connect our countries, giving all of us opportunities to learn how to overcome linguistic, cultural or any other differences.
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