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Drogowcy XXI wieku – międzynarodowe staże zawodowe szansą dla uczniów szkoły.
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Road-XXI century - International professional internship opportunities for high school students." is a project whose main objective is to enhance the employability of students II-III grades of specialty techniques surveyor, road construction techniques and techniques of motor vehicles with ZSGD in Poznan, through the implementation within 06.01.2016 - 31.12.2017. internship abroad in Italy and Northern Ireland.The specific objectives are:- Acquisition of experience by participants in an international environment;- Establishing the first international contacts to facilitate their possible return to work abroad in the future,- Increased professional competence, ie. Additional knowledge and skills gained in an international environment,- Increasing the skills, consult. in English - learning vocabulary industry, contact with a "living" language,- Improving the competence of the key participants in the project, ie. Initiative and entrepreneurship - needed to build their own careers and further their learning skills;- An increase in social skills or the knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to each situation having fundamental importance for every citizen, supporting the development of personal involvement in the life of society, to ensure social cohesion and active citizenship, offering flexibility and adaptability,- The acquisition of the ability to move the foreign job market.- Equal educational opportunities for students (particularly in terms of communication in English), through informal education,- Get to know other cultures, traditions and customs, facilitate the adoption of attitudes of openness and tolerance.- Increased sense of purpose continuous learning (learning throughout life), among others in connection with the opportunity to gain a better paid job,- Increase the European dimension - "intercultural" schools.To participate in the project will be selected 48 learners in professions techniques surveyor, road construction techniques and techniques of motor vehicles of classes II and III. Students will depart at 4 week internships in Italy and Northern Ireland.In addition to the obvious benefits for students we expect that thanks to the project will enrich the image of the facility in the region, the country and the international market. Corrected will be included in the European School Development Plan, ie areas.:- Inability to acquire skills and qualifications recognized and recognized in different countries and beyond their borders.- Openness of students on intercultural,- Increase in the level of language,- Insufficient interculturalism,- Improving the teaching of entrepreneurship.In European / international mobility project implementation at the national level, it contributes to the integration of the European Union, which Poland is an integral part. Furthermore it affects global economic growth, the transfer of knowledge and technology and in the future will counteract unemployment through greater mobility of workers.After the project is completed, we plan through personal meetings of students and teachers directly promoting international mobility and dissemination of project results. We believe that direct contact people who took part in the project (students) and people involved in the project (teachers) will convincingly communicate the Erasmus + and the effects of the project.
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