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Drive your life
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Feb 28, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Drive Your Life" is innovative youth exchange project, where 30 young people from Greece, Georgia, Hungary and Ukraine will meet to discuss the importance of knowing The Highway Codes and safe driving. Participants will be youth aged 16-25.Main objectives of the project are to increase knowledge and understanding of danger of ignoring traffic signs. road marking an signals of traffic light and to promote importance of safe driving and respect among drivers and pedestrians. Participants will be able to share experience which will make them feel and see the importance of safe driving , while having different backgrounds. Using effective learning methods (study visits,exhibitions etc.) during the project activities will help organizers to reach project goals and raise a sense of responsibility , respect and think not about their own, but also others lifes too.Project contains various activities connected to safe driving, such as introducing meaning and importance of basic knowledge in The Highway Codes; giving first aid to injured; the most often critical situations which can be occured on the roads and their prevention; study visits. Participants will be encouraged to communicate and share experience in groups, find new ideas, plan future activities and think of the ways of preventing dangerous situations on the roads, to raise awareness and promote actions about factors which can make the greatest impact in reducing prejudices in the process of motion on the roads.During the project, participants will publish news letter, organize exhibition, where local young people will be involved and able to express their thoughts and ideas. As a follow up activity, all participants will be asked to prepare action to present outcome and result of the project in their home countries. This will help organizers to spread information and thus inspire others to contribute their part in building better society.
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