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DRIVE - Develop Rewarding, Inspiring Values for Everyone who participates
Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Oct 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

DRIVE is a Training Course (TC) that will deal with the importance of Sport as an tool for education and prevention, promoting social inclusion, culture understanding, human rights and competitiveness at the local societies. The recent years we are observing increasing of aggression and violence of youth in schools and universities. We believe that the values, that sport brings can help preventing and fighting the aggression in early stage by empowering youth workers and sport coaches to deal with this issues through sport games. This TC will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria - 20-28 August 2016. Duration: 7 full working days activities. The countries involved in the project are the following: Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Spain in total 34 participants. The raising levels of aggression and violence are observed by all levels in different EU countries. The fight with such issues is sometimes underestimated, but in the future, it will affect the society in a very strong way. One of the most important issues is the recognition of the problem and the stages of earlier prevention possible. Youth workers and sport coaches are one of the target groups that can work on the topic, related to their daily work with youngsters and their possibility to influence and reduce the number of violence activities in the local communities. The overall aim of the project is to transfer innovative methodologies of non formal education between western and eastern European countries creating an important educational path in between the continent that trough sport can decrease violence levels in schools/universities in different European countries. Youth workers and sport coaches are one of the target groups that can work on the topics, if they are empowered by the proper tools and we strongly believe that sport as a common language can be used in this direction to fight aggression and violence and to promote together with the education that can bring, the values of tolerance, freedom, fair play, respect and many more. Sport is one of the most powerful weapons that can be used for prevention and deviant behaviors fight. Recent data showed that in Bulgaria school violence has increased in times of less than one year. Cases of physical aggression between students from the beginning of the school year 2014/2015 onwards are 1662. For the entire 2013/2014 school they totaled 606. The increase by 174 %, and is likely to increase more by the end of the school year.We believe that this project can empower youth workers and sport coaches to combat the aggression problems through sport, but also can bring some good practices, already used in countries with success in such problems. Therefore its values are fundamental in the third sector’s working processes, where it can be used in order to prevent the sense of intolerance, social exclusion and marginalization. One of the most important area in which we can successfully use Sport is in relation to human rights. Regarding to this specific educational need, carry out with this project means share new tools strengthening our cooperation. Sport is a fighter against racism and xenophobia and it is an helper for including people with special needs.Target group: youth workers, sport coaches, social workers, youth leaders who have experience in sport activity or who like to use Sport as an educational and prevention method. Partners group: innovative consortium of huge range organizations, of different kind and reach, that will bring different point of view to the topic. Learning objectives of the TC are: - To raise knowledge and gain new experiences on Sport and outdoor activities as tools of prevention and problems fight; - To clarify the challenges of Sport as a tool for integration and education regarding to content and methodology, non formal and informal learning process, intercultural learning and impact on local community; - To create a network of professionals (youth leaders, sport coaches social workers and Trainers) who work with young people with aggression or violation problems using those new methodologies and ready to develop new E+ projects raising awareness on personal, social and professional development during the work activity. - Developing the potential for young people, with accent of young people from with aggression and violation problems within education and employment.The working method proposed by the Trainers will start from a wider point of view, macro areas such as values, education and intercultural dialogue through Sport, to the specific activities such as tools and methods to be held during the daily working life in every NGOs or youth centers when you can make the difference for building a civic society (bottom-up process). “Education through sport” methodology will be also presented and used in order to empower the participants with the needed skills to use it in their daily work.

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