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„Doskonalenie zawodowe instruktorów wyszkolenia strzeleckiego funkcjonariuszy Straży Granicznej – edycja II”
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Vocational training of shooting instructors of Border Guard functionaries – edition II" concerns international mobility of Border Guard shooting instructors, in the framework of Erasmus + Program, Action: "The mobility project of learners and workers." As part of vocational training for the partner institution, 20 lecturers and instructors conducting the shooting training in different organizational units of the Border Guard (BG Headquarters, BG Divisions, BG Centers) will participate in the visit organized by Centre for Training and Learning in Neustrelitz and the Police Academy in Lübeck. The choice of project partner was based on its experience, expertise, highly qualified teaching staff and developed infrastructure. The scope of the project stems from the priority areas for training activities of the Border Guard, which leads to large-scale systematic shooting training. Therefore, it is extremely important to raise permanently the level of competencies of instructors / lecturers of shooting. In addition, the ever-changing reality in the use of firearms with the concomitant dynamic technological development of weapons make it necessary to base shooting training on the latest achievements of training methods and techniques. Considering the above the introduction of new and modernization of existing methods and ways of teaching is a natural consequence arising from the vocational training needs of the Border Guard officers. The main objective of the project is to improve the professional skills and competencies, as well as efficiency in the training of Border Guards in the area of shooting training, exchange of experience in the field of teaching standards and the improvement of the training of trainers / lecturers of shooting training in the Border Guard. In addition, within the diagnosed needs it is very important to seek solutions that will contribute to the improvement of vocational education and to adapt them to training needs in the Border Guard. Also, staff mobility will provide an opportunity to observe foreign shooting instructors their training methods and shooting techniques as well as Border Guard officer’s equipment. The outcome of the project will include among others development of BG instructors’ abilities in teaching tactics and techniques in the field of the use of weapon during an intervention. The project implementation will also allow the introduction of new content into shooting training programs. Shooting instructors will gain practical work experience, learn interesting solutions, practices and methods in the field of vocational education and training implemented in the German police. The project will take into account the immediate needs of shooting training instructors in the acquisition of knowledge and skills useful when conducting shooting. At the same time it will contribute to the promotion of personal and professional development of Border Guards in the field of shooting training. The project will also have to meet the needs of the international transfer of knowledge based on personal and institutional contacts between the project partners. The project also addresses issues regarding the possibility of adopting the latest solutions in the field of teaching and the latest achievements of the methodology and training techniques based on modern teaching methods. Its implementation will allow for the possible adoption of significant trends in the methods and techniques of training activities used in the course of the shooting training. The project will contribute to improvement of skills and competencies, increase the efficiency of training in the field of shooting training, raise standards of teaching and will improve the process of professional development of instructors / lecturers in the Border Guard. The project implementation will also have a significant impact on the effectiveness of conducting didactic activities by officers who are responsible for conducting shooting trainings. Furthermore, the project would be conducive during joint shooting training, to the other institutional partners such as the Police, Customs Service, the Internal Security Agency, the Central Bureau of Investigation, and the Government Protection Bureau.
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