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Dont worry be Happy
Start date: Aug 16, 2015, End date: Jan 15, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Unemployment is one of the causes of social exclusion. For many young people unemployment implies lack of opportunities, lack of future perspectives, limited personal development, low self-esteem, the impossibility of becoming autonomous...Unemployment affects young people from a variety of backgrounds, at different times of their lives and in various circumstances. Unemployment is a social problem that everybody may face. But when it affects young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, their situation is harder due to the lack of support. Those young people become unemployed more easily and unemployment can be the starting point of a “negative snowball effect”. Then, they face problems of different kinds which come together in a short period of time and/or accumulate in other ways. The overall aim of the seminar is to provide space for youth workers, youth leaders to understand better the background and causes of long term unemployment of young people and get familiar with youth policies made by European Commission in order to fight against that and how these youth policies can be adapted into local youth work activities by exploring and inventing new tools on positive thinking, empowering job seekers and fighting against social exclusion in local and transnational level. ” Don't worry, be happy!” -training course on enhancing on awareness on the background and the causes of unemployment of young people and how to break it by support of local and transnational youth work policies and tools. At 06 to 13 September 2015, Rio Maior, Arrouquelas, Portugal. We will have 35 participants from 16 countries and 16 partners, to people who will be the employers, staff and volunteers of the partner organisations who actively work with unemployed young people. The Training course will be based on the principles of non – formal education and aimed at using formal, informal and non – formal learning elements. Trainers will focus on to invent huge variety of methods in order to provide learning opportunities for all people having different learning styles. The methodology will be learner centre and based on the interest, needs and expectations of partner organisations and their participants. During the seminar, there will be several methods used when participants can experience being the situation of an unemployed young people in order to foster their emotional and rational understanding concerning this multi problem situation. Other role plays will provide them opportunity to try them out being in different roles of a youth worker who work with unemployed young people. Participant can try out different tools and methods in a safe environment. Some examples for methods we will use during the seminar: individual work, pair work, small mixed group work, national group work, role plays, theatre method, making a collage, symbolise, making definitions, express a link between theory and practice, drawings, etc. Methodological flow of the seminar: Who we are and what we will do here together? What are the background and causes of youth unemployment in general and in different countries? What are the characteristic of the multi problem situation regarding to being unemployed? What are the youth policy approaches and proposals towards youth unemployment by European Commission and how can we achieve these in our local youth work? What can be the tools locally and transnational level to break the unemployed situation? How can positive thinking be used? How can we empower the young job seekers? How can we fight against social exclusion? How transnational youth projects supported by Erasmus + programme can support young people to become employee or self – employer? Results and impact: To prepare, run and evaluate several youth activities local and transnational level by using the gained tools from the seminar which can support young job seekers to get to know themselves better, being able to identify their needs and support them finding appropriate youth work possibility locally or European level where they can improve their needed competences what can lead them towards finding or establishing a job for themselves. To make an impact on youth decision makers of the local communities in order to realise the proposals of European Youth Pact and build the objectives of European Youth Strategy “Investing and empowering young people” into their local youth strategies.

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