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Donner les moyens aux jeunes de prendre part aux décisions qui les concernent
Start date: Jan 15, 2015, End date: Jul 14, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

European Youth Parliament-France wishes to implement a more sizeable, wider and innovative project, based on its determination, on one side - to give opportunities to the young participants in its activities to explore in depth the crucial topics they address and consequently put forward pertinent solutions to tackle the issues discussed, and, on the other side – to involve considerably more the decision makers from the public and private sphere in the dialogue with young people. The four themes designated as a priority for the project and crucial for youth and its future are: energy, health, environment, and professional insertion for the young. These themes will be addressed thoroughly by the young people participating in the project, during one year. The participants will design and elaborate proposals for knowledgeable solutions to tackle the issues relative to the four themes retained in the project. We developed a map of relevant decision-makers from the public and private sector, at local, regional, national and European levels. EYP-France will try to secure their contribution and support in order to ensure their presence and implication in the dialogue with the young participants. Their views on the priorities of the issues addressed and their practical insights will help participants grasp essential aspects of the themes explored. This continuous and constructive dialogue will allow the young participants to develop concrete and pertinent proposals for solutions, representative for the French and European youth, in response to the issues identified in the themes of the project. The project will be launched with the occasion of the analysis and presentation of the results of a large survey carried out amongst current members and alumni of EYP-France. The survey will inquire the views and attitudes of its respondents regarding the current situation in the implication of youth in the decision-making process on the issues and policies that have a direct impact on their future. Further, determined by a wish to give the youth a more important role in such decision-making processes, the project will develop activities that aim at increasing their awareness and knowledge of the issues and challenges relative to the themes covered in the project and at encouraging their own elaboration of solutions to tackle these issues. The project includes the organisation of three theme events: The academic Forum on energy, the Forum on health and the Session on professional insertion for the young. These events will gather, for a total duration of 21 days, 350 young people of very diverse profiles, social backgrounds, and educational paths, from France and all over Europe. Participants will be divided in committees, each having a dedicated issue or aspect to address, relative to the theme of the event. The participants’ reasoning and solution-driven work will be supported with practical insights from decision-makers and experts. In parallel with the theme-events and in a continuous manner throughout the year, four thin-tanks on energy, health, environment, and professional insertion for young people will be implemented. Their members will collaborate closely with the relevant decision-makers to heighten and refine the propositions made previously by the participants in the theme events. Lastly, the members of the think-tank will develop a final list with proposals for solutions. The think-tanks will be each comprised of 10 students from France, and will be working in groups, from May 2015 to April 2016. In April, a closing event will be organized to present the results of the project and to conceive an outlook on future projects, with the partner organisations and the various decision-makers previously involved. The topic of the environment and sustainability will be addressed through the implication of the members of the theme think-tanks in a project developed by the French Network of Students for Sustainable Development. The project includes consultations between various actors of the civil society and participation in the conferences and panels of COP21. The project comprises activities that encourage the empowerment of youth with respect to the issues that shape their future. Our approach is to involve in the project young people form very diverse backgrounds and educational and social profiles, as to ensure a good representativeness of the opinions and views of the youth and to develop decision-makers’ willingness and availability to construct a dialogue with all young people. In addition, the working methods used, encouraging an in-depth analysis and a reflection exercise on the proposals for solutions to the issues addressed, throughout a full year, will ensure that the solutions proposed are of value, pertinent, forceful, legitimate, and representative enough to be taken into account by decision-makers.
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