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Don't worry, be healthy!
Start date: 01 Mar 2012,

Youth exchange, named “Don’t worry, be healthy” will be held in Rezekne from 4th till 13th June 2013. This exchange aims to get participants familiar with the fact that sport makes a significant contribution to our wellbeing, playing also an important role in the development of ones personality but in the same time influencing development of the economy, environment and society in general. Through this exchange we want to use sport and recreation as a tool for improvement of youth’s quality of live giving them the knowledge and tools that will raise their motivation, self-development, self-reliance, as sport has the power to act as a mobilizing tool in a way that no other activities do. Combining fun, enjoyment and physical challenges we want to encourage young people to participate in sport activities in order to promote social interaction and well being. This should lead to development and sustainability of a healthy lifestyle and a life long attitude in adulthood among participants.Exchange will last eight days. First four days will be used, beside activities arranged for participants to get to know each other, to raise awareness of participants about healthy life styles, nutrition, mental relaxation, stress management and etc, combined with different sport activities every day. Other part of the exchange will be mostly devoted to the preparation of the City Sport event, the final activity that will be performed in the Rezekne’s main park. The main aim of this activity will be to inform local people, trough sports activities and different challenges, what was the project about, what are the outcomes and why is it so important to develop and implement the healthy life styles in everyone’s life.During this exchange we will host participants from five European countries – Portugal, Poland, Italy, Hungary and Spain that will make forty-two young people joined together with their leaders, including participants form Latvia.
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