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Don't stress out - workout
Start date: Jul 4, 2016, End date: Nov 3, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“Don't stress out - workout!” is a project of Youth’s 9 days exchange (June 27 th – July 5th, 2016) which is being organized by Lithuanian association “Neribota ateitis”. The aim of the project: To encourage young people to have a healthy lifestyle, to form an understanding of the benefits of physical activity and theoretically and practically introduce with stress overcome measures. Organizing this project we seek to encourage young people to promote a healthy lifestyle and seek medical well-being through physical activity and stress overcome as well as protection from cross-border threats to health arise.Project will be held in Lithuania, Kaunas. Participating countries: Slovakia, Lithuania, Italy, Croatia.Participants will be selected not only by question-and-answer form, a motivation letter explaining why they would like to participate in this project and also they will be asked for a video clip in which they will be adducing arguments why they are motivated to participate in this project, what are their objectives expectations and ambitions.Planned number of participants is 32 (7 participants + 1 leader from each country), aged 18 to 30, 4 participating countries. Equal opportunities for the implementation of the EU as one of the main objectives of public policy remains a desirable challenge for our society. However, our association promotes and supports a partnership of equals, so we are going to select equal number of men and women participating in this project. All tasks will be promoted on an equal partnership between players and will not be releasing opposes gender groups (males and females).The project will take place in an intensive non-formal education process, actively promote experiential learning. At the end of the projects, all the participants will be able to get life-long learning, Youthpass certificate.One month before the start of the project participants will be given homework task. They will have to start exercising (at least a couple times a per week) or start jogging, going to the gym, riding a bike, everyone would be able to choose activities according to their wishes and capture their feelings, emotions, condition and sports impact to stress. After that they need to present the summary of all the results. Main project activities:Reflection, during which participants will have more to analyze their feelings, experiences, emotions - will be self-evaluation Lecture associated with physical activity and its benefits, personal life experience sharing, introduction to physical activity pyramid guidelines will show how physical activity is essential to maintain human health, and if this is missing, as it should begin to increase. Also, participants will learn about the effects of low physical activity and the possibilieties to avoid them, they will understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and will get more motivation to change their lifestyle.Meetings with Kaunas City Municipality Public Health Bureau, representatives of the Lithuanian Students Sports Association and with a teacher of healthy lifestyle and personality education. Meetings will help to realize that each of us can change the society in which he lives - to take the initiative to change its members' approach to a healthy lifestyle. Stress adversely affects human health, it is necessary to deal with stress, if we want to stay healthy and live long. "Walking" through the body, mandalas, deep breathing, creative visualization, relaxation, meditation - these are methods that help to overcome stress / tension. It will be tested in practice in order that each participant can choose individually for themselves the right tools and techniques to reduce stress and to avoid possible health problems and get spiritual peace.Sports with local not only diversify the participants' experience, broaden their minds, but also invite the local community to join us in organized activities. We will invite to join all those, who wish to be active. Team formation and creative workshops - will be oriented in group process that will help to unfold both - as a group and individually. Most of the projects evenings will be intercultural evenings. It will help to know more about other cultures, to become more tolerant to each other and feel a sense of belonging.
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