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"Don't stay alone"
Start date: Aug 2, 2015, End date: Feb 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

What will be the future of our planet? It is composed of thoughts of young people and their soul strenght – their derams, state of the heart and skills make up the future of our planet. The mass media, which is not particularly objective, balanced between positive and negative or between analytical and entertaining news, very much affect the young people views and thinking. In mass media is carried out the manipulation and propaganda. The words have strength. The young people need to participate in shaping public opinion and solving the young people’s need for objective, supporting, positive and truthful media. Young people need media who form a genuine system of values, promotes tolerance and solidarity and inspire to do good things. The young people need to be active their country and EU citizens, get involved in shaping public opinion, to do socially useful work. The project goals are to encourage young people to participate in shaping public opinion; promote positive thinking among young people and create a site for young people “Don’t stay alone”, where the young people would reach out for other young people In August at Latvia (Jurmala) there will come and work in project eight young people from Ukraine (West and East) and there will be also eight young people from Latvia (from Latvian and Russian nationality). The project participants have good experience in international projects, social work, organizing youth activities, work in student self-government, school newspaper publishing, they have skills in journalistic work and internet home page formation. They have this desire – go out of their comfort zone and make a positive change in world, give to others their heart warmth and good cheer. The three leaders of the project groups will support the young people in their dreams, will help to organize the project work, will direct the non-formal educational activities and to will help to master Youthpass competences. To achieve the goals, at start many activities will be directed to participants getting acquainted with each other. These things will be done through the language learning, getting to know culture, national cuisine, dance, songs. These participants will get to know each other mutual concepts and actualities. There will be uniting and ice breaking games, evenings with interesting things to know and achieve. The participants will divide their experience to others, will learn new skills and abilities. This process will be interesting and captivating, because it will be based on non-formal learning methods, many different specialist teachings and the participants strength in creativity. The members will be learning to write stories in more creative way, they will learn how to open the interviewee to talk, to find words of comfort and wisdom; they will promote their skills in discussions, work in team, to make presentations, to analyse and find beauty in simple things and to apply positive thinking in everyday’s life. The acquired experience of the participants will be rated in Youthpass diary, also in reflexion – making works of art with their hands, drawing, thinking about pictures, telling their day’s stories in candlelight. In the project last day the members will be taking their project experience with themselves. Their input in the common aim will be better understand when they will be learning about the Youthpass diary summary. What will be the apparent result of the project to them that were in there and to them that weren’t in this project? Absolutely – newly created web site for young people. There will be work needed to do at home too, but that is the less to worry – that will be that site where the young people will get the support, will get the answers to questions what they are afraid to ask; they will share their stories and insight and through that they will get support in critical and stressful situations, will feel solidarity with people of other nationality and could get inspiration for good deeds. We could make the world better place for living!
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