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DOMUS NOVO - Analysis of Training Needs, Training Programmes and Training Materials in the Field of Domotics

DOMUS NOVO will undergo studies relating to three Domotics (the use of electricity, electronics and computer science for energy administration, security, comfort and communication in the home) professions, namely buildings electrician, communication equipment/systems installer and computer applications programmer.The object of these studies will be to anticipate the training needs relating to these job profiles, in particular, and to define training programmes and training materials to support continuous training in the sector.The planned results of the project include: a comparative analysis of the designated professions; a description of these professions to include existing skills/competencies and medium-term training goals; modular training programmes responding to the identified skills and training gaps; specific training modules (CD-Rom format) in each partner language and a training methodology for the identification of future training needs for the sector.Results will be directed at trainers, designers and managers of training in the sector.Dissemination is planned primarily through use of a dedicated project website, where both interim and final results are to be presented. Further activities include the presentation of articles to relevant press and journals and the hosting of specialist European and national seminars whereupon the end project results will be presented.
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