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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The point is building up something which will remain in all our schools and live on in time and people involved in the project’s memory, as well as in the whole educational community. This inter-disciplinary European Project expresses the need to get to know each local environment to discover its beauty and provide new experiences which each generation will have the opportunity to improve through time.Through the discovery of our own local plant species, the architectural constructions of our villages ,the ecological architecture as the best housing solution, artistic and cultural heritage, and the technical knowledge needed, we aim to build a geodesic dome. This dome would have its own vegetable cover and an inside room which would mean a new and useful space to be used by anyone related to our school. First we suggest building the dome with its cover both inner and outer layer.Then, we will fit the inside by decorating the floor using MOSAICS made out of local materials reflecting a concept of European identity of each country. We consider that what makes this Project more rewarding and enriching, it’s the whole process itself since the result (dome, mosaics,working out of calculations, drawings…)will be different and related to each environment and country . The word DOME is the result of a phrase which clearly shows the aim of the project: Developing Our Multidisciplinary Element. By Developing Our, we mean that the design,material,building, etc will be undertaken by our students involved. Multidisciplinary as it involves different subjects:History,Art,Tech,Maths,Biology,Literature,English and key competences.This structure represents specific bonds of Elements .Ecobuilding architecture as the best housing solution which involves design criterion to save energy as design, materials (traditional and modern since traditional materials are being adapted to what the modern building needs, traditional techniques as for instance the vaulted “extremadura” ceiling , technology, ecological selection of space , suitable waste management from building, water management, downsizing in carbon trace etc The Project should be defined as a WORKPACKAGE It must be a research and learning tool methodology carried out by students to approach enterprises.The skills used must be gathered in worksheets to be given at the end of the project These learning tools will be on the internet through,for example, google drive, which will allow students to interact in a file folder This approach would lead students to develop research on both professional and academic disciplines (maths, physic, chemistry, technology, biology, languages) Students can get information from organizations like INTROMAC, Town Hall waste programmes This work would allow students to get in contact with new jobs arising around these trade sectors and connect with The European employment strategy and its New Skills for New Jobs, to promote better anticipation of future skills needs, Develop better matching between skills and labour market needs and Bridge the gap between the worlds of education and work. A means to link students with Europe 2020 growth strategy. This is the reason why it’s needed to work together with European countries for a joint development since it’s what Europe has been asked to do We will use the results of some European Projects already finished related to ours as an inspiration for students ,for example the so called "TEAM ECO-CONSTRUCTION" ( Project NumberLLP-LdV-TOI-2008-FR-117003): -a transnational methodological guide for writing up reference systems for training and evaluation -a transnational reference system for training and certification of an «eco-builder» technician -detailed teaching contents for the training of the «eco-builder» technician -Reference teaching tools (database, online lessons, tutorials, etc.) ..............
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