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Reason for the project:- To promote and develop older people’s capacity to continue working and learning foras long as they want and to make a contribution after they retire.- To understand and overcome the barriers and difficulties in getting older populations tovalue and share their existing knowledge; to engage with contemporary learningmethods and to develop their skills to better engage in their learning and the learning ofothers.- To facilitate older people overcoming fear of formal learning and activities outside theirown language through an engagement with the concept of Europe.This project will support and facilitate older citizens:- to better understand and address these issues & barriers to learning through actionresearch- to develop skills and competences to continue learning through informal trainingmodules such as mentoring, communication, languages, ICT (photo/film/voice via web/podcasts etc)- to use these skills and technologies to develop knowledge, confidence and self-worth.The exact content will be an emergent process- to host these course modules on a multilingual web-platform- to use this web platform to exchange ideas, to build mentorships and to develop atrans-regional learning network- to attend a European Learning Weekend to further develop skills together, increase theconcept of ‘Europe’ and develop a positive view of other cultures, languages and ideas,so increasing socio-cultural cohesiveness- to become active and continuing learners and a continuing resource within their owncommunitiesThe strategies used to achieve the above will include:- adopting a participatory action-based approach with the learners at the centre.- using local/regional community or communities of interest as a basis for groupdevelopment- developing a contract to indicate a commitment to learning- building mentorship and developing a learning network and producing courses that canbe used in all partner countries.- the European Learning Weekend (accredited by Bangor University). The participantswill, on completion, earn 10 credits at higher education level 1.The impact envisaged- Active engagement with learning activities and cultures- Greater understanding, cooperation and cohesiveness at all levels- Reduced marginalisation of older citizens and promotion of them as a resource withintheir communities and Europe.
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