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“Doğa Bana Yardım Et!/ Dear Nature Help Me!”
Start date: May 7, 2015, End date: Sep 20, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Due to developing technology and reducing movement of mankind, obesity has become more common. This is because people recently need sports more than before. Because of the financial incapability most people are not able to go to gym. In this regard, many types of sports that can be performed with the help of nature instead of going to gym were spoken and discussed. In addition some subjects were handled such as what are the supports for sports in that country and how should they be? While preparing this Project our aim was help people to utilize nature by activating natural sports. To ease the participants meet the nature, we had a camp and we held our workshops in the camp field. With this way, the participants experienced how to do sports in nature. Our Project was carried out in Bey?ehir, Konya. Since the subject of our Project is sport, the participants had the chance of camping in tents for 6 days. The Project has been ran by 30 participant from 5 diffirent countries. These participants were 18-30 age as we planned. Among these participants gender dispersation was even at the project. The general profile of the participants was the people who do sports regularly, follow the sport policies of their countries, don?t have difficulties for being in a camp. On the other hand some people who don?t have the habit of doing sports, have never experienced a camp life were also our participants. Therefore the project has brought the people who are experienced and aren?t experienced together. The project has a various of activities. Fort he project, mainly workshops were ran but we also performed some organizations a visit with participants and some sport tournaments were organized. According to the subject of the workshops, some round table conferance that created 6 groups were organised from 5 different countries. Sometimes they worked with national groups as well. To the end of the workshops the participants presented youth and sport policies of their countries. With some homogenous group Works, participants were active and also got to know each other well. Workshops were organised for encourging devise a project and answer the questions they had. All workshops were ran during the project were created with non formal education practise and applied. Results acquired at the end of the project are; participants have rallies that hey can do sports without paying a lot of Money. 30 participants who were in the project met and discussed sports policies in 5 different countries. Besides young people created their own sports politics. That way participants have become the ones who solve problems instead of creating one. After our workplaces Works were finished around the round table presentations increased seld confidence of the participants as well as active situations. Having been around a camp site the internet and phone usage. That way participants were more interactive with each other.

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