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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school is one of the best in the science subjects. Besides we were coordinators in a successful Comenius project focused on biology and chemistry. We would like to use our experience and start to develop some new projects with younger students. All the previous projects needed to be supported by teachers of English, because the teachers of science have low competences in foreign languages. On the other hand our teachers of English need to be motivated in using new techniques and IT facilities in their teaching, they need to upgrade their methodics and learning theories and help with reflection on their approach to teaching today’s students. Management of our school has to keep and develop the spirit of excellence to be always a bit better than we are today, following contemporary requirements. The goals of the project can be displayed in three parts: 1) We want to improve language competences of our teachers of science. Then they will be self confident and able to work in the international projects with their pupils. They will start cooperation with European community of teachers. They will understand better the needs of students who are from a different language and cultural environment. They will use computer applications and programmes for teaching in their original English versions. 2) Our teachers of English language will gain modern teaching techniques. They will also improve and enrich their knowledge of English in selected aspects of the language, including practical approach. They will be able to teach groups of students with different level of knowledge. They will use modern classroom for teaching languages via new software. 3) After meeting the experienced European head teachers and after visiting excellent schools, the management of our school will gain better ideas how to innovate educational process, how to motivate the school stuff and how to cooperate with other subjects. In this project there are involved four teachers of science, who are beginners in English or who need to practise speaking to gain confidence in it. All of them would like to use English in their teaching process and to start an international project, too. The project will support also four teachers of English who are experienced in Comenius project and now they would like to focus on new methods in teaching English. The only two members of management feel the necessity to be enriched in a group of experienced head teachers and find new inspiration for further development of our school. Main project activities include a few meetings of partitipants. There will be addressed terms for their courses and mobility, enrol in them, prepare an appropriate presentation of our school and the region to present Czech education and culture to their colleagues from other participants countries. Then they will prepare individually by studying language, methodics, culture and other aspects that they find useful before going abroad. They will also arrange practical aspects before leaving for the course. All participants will cooperate and help each other, because some of them have been involved in LLP before. After finishing the mobility the participants will inform management and colleagues about the content of their courses and they will also prepare report and presentation of their training activities. The culminating activities will be a new progress in teaching and in an international cooperation, individual on-line learning , exchanging experience, motivation for successful teaching, positive atmosphere at our school. Participants will collaborate and support each other. School management will encourage, motivate and inform them about important aspects of the project and its goals. Project will improve language skills in English. Teachers of Science will be able to coordinate international projects focused on science, will be able to use teaching materials created in English, will be more sensitive to understand the language and cultural differences of foreign students. English teachers will benefit from the project with new methodology. They will teach students contemporary English, use multimedia technology in teaching. Management will gain new ideas for school development and keeping on an excellent educational level. Teachers and management will create functional teams working in a creative atmosphere. International contacts among students and teachers will become a natural part of school life.

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