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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 30 Apr 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Karol Miarka Primary School no. 1 is located in a strongly urbanized and industrialized region of Poland. Because of its pollution and degradation the region is highly susceptible to unemployment and pathology. Currently in our school there are 556 students (11 with disabilities), and 50 teachers with large professional experience. Our school is very successful in the field of sports (for a few years we have ran sports classes), science and art. However, some fields still need improvement. Taking part in the Erasmus training programme is our chance to improve the quality of work in our school. We can also improve the effectiveness of our work by introducing innovations, as well as new techniques and methods into teaching. We would like to share our experiences and good practices with other teachers by means of working abroad within”Teaching assignment” and “Job shadowing”. This way we could also promote our school, our town and our culture in other countries. We already have some experience with European projects, such as Comenius or eTwinning, and we are aware of how much we can gain by opening up to European partners. The project we carried out had a huge influence on the comprehensive development of our students and teachers. Our teachers prove that despite their large professional experience they are still willing to learn and develop. They want to be creative and innovative just like the teachers from other countries we had the chance to meet. The main obstacle here is the language barrier. The aims of our project are strictly connected with the development priorities of our school. We would like to raise the language competences of our students, improve communication among teachers by means of research projects, introduce innovative solutions into our school curriculum and into our methods of work. We are certain that well prepared and educated teachers will gain natural motivation to take part in the Erasmus+ KA.2 or eTwinning projects. This will highly raise the educational chances of our students and help to equalize their educational opportunities. The main aims of our project are:-Introducing new teaching methods improving basic skills-Improving the teachers’ effectiveness, providing them with opportunities of professional development- Improving the quality of the teachers’ work and all their student supporting activities-Improving communication (between teachers, teachers and students, teachers and the principal)-Introducing innovative activities during classes (research project)-Improving foreign language skills and the methods of teaching a foreign language-Learning about new solutions connected with running the school-Getting to know the characteristics of specific job positions in another country-Sharing our knowledge and experience with other teachers-Motivating teachers to create their own European projectsParticipants of the project and activities carried out within the mobility:a)13 teachers of various subjects (mathematics, science, Polish, English, integrated teaching) will take part in a language and methodology training b) 3 English teachers will take part in a methodology training c)3 teachers (the principal, a Polish teacher and an English teacher) will work in a partner school (within "teaching assignment") d) 3 teachers (the principal, a maths teacher and an English teacher) will observe teacher's work in a partner school (within job shadowing").Activities and methodology to be used during the project:• Analysis of the needs of the teachers in correlation with the needs of the school (+training)• Preparing suggestions of changes within the school (after completing a dedicated training), which will let us attain our long term aims• Preparing a schedule of introducing new innovative methodological or organisational solutions (implementation/ disseminating/ evaluating)Expected results and influence of the project:• Improvement in language skills• Getting to know new methods of team work, which will influence the communication skills among the participants of the training (cross curricular correlation)• Implementing the innovation (research project)• Using professional literature in a foreign language• Starting international cooperation, which is necessary for eTwinning or Erasmus+• Raising the methodological skills of English teachers• Introducing new methods and tools in teaching• Improving the effectiveness of teaching English, maths, science and reading comprehension• Modifying the teaching curriculum• Getting to know other cultures, customs, traditions and history• Building an attitude of openness towards changesLong term advantages:• Raising the quality of our educational offer• Starting international cooperation• Raising the teachers’ and students’ motivation to accepting challenges• Building an attitude of tolerance, respect and openness towards other cultures• Providing our school and its community with a European dimension.
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