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Dobbelkompetanse med internasjonal arbeidsutplassering
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Lier Upper Secondary School (Lier USS) is a s a vocational school offering programs in the areas of Health and Social Care, Electricity, Business and Administration and Design and Crafts, Customized Tuition/Special Needs and Supplementary Courses. The School is aiming to improve the status of vocational education and is starting two new courses of tuition giving a double set of qualifications. The students obtain a Vocational Certificate and at the same time become qualified for higher education by combining theoretical studies and apprenticeships. The school management believes that this will improve the status of vocational education and make it more attractive to be a student at Lier USS. Simultaneously, the school has strengthened its cooperation with local businesses and industries in order to educate good workers with formal skills. In the autumn of 2013 we therefore embarked on a major information campaign directed systematically at the local public, commercial and industrial sectors, at Buskerud county department of education, and at the lower secondary schools from which we recruit our students. In addition, we have used public - and social media and our website actively to spread information about the meaning of dual competence and the future opportunities it provides. The main objective of the project is to improve the status of vocational education and make it more attractive to young people. Lier USS strives to maintain a good reputation, both in the community and, more generally, by working systematically to achieve positive results. Given that we live in a multicultural society and a globalized labour market, we believe it is important for students to get more knowledge and understanding of the fact that they are part of a larger community. ADC College is our partner in London. Together we are planning for work placement for our students. A stay in London with practical work experience and experience from family and community life will give them new perspectives on other cultures and contribute to their personal development. The Project Group consists of six people; Assistant Principal, Head of Department, and four teachers. All have higher education and years of practical work experience. The teachers selected for the project have high professional competence in their subjects, and have achieved good results with students they have taught. All six members of the Project Group have good interpersonal skills and ability to work systematically and consciously to secure a high quality outcome for students. A total of 30 students will participate in the program every year, and we apply for support for a two year period. To ensure student involvement and influence a prefect from each class participate in the Project Group with effect from the autumn 2014. Lier USS has produced a preliminary plan including the project's main milestones. Representatives from the Project Group will during the first year, which is a preparatory year, go to London to become better acquainted with ADC, and further develope the relationship with them. Through this pilot project we will obtain in-depth knowledge of both relevant internships, suitable families and the guidance our students will get during their stay abroad. This is important knowledge to take back to the students and parents to prepare them for what to expect. In order to be selected for work placement in London, and to have an influence on the appropriate type of work they can get, the students have to write and submit an application with CV. In addition, they will be called for an interview. ADC will also require a copy of the CVs from the students in order to customize the stay in the best possible way. A strategy of communication will be developed for "Double Competency with International Work Experience". The information will be made available before, during and after the project and will enhance the positive reputation of our school. We expect that the project will be of great importance both for students and for Lier USS. Students will feel appreciated, they will experience success and be proud of what they have experienced . It will give them a personal growth and be important for their general education. The School is planning to introduce dual course tuition for other programs of education. Lier USS would like to see that vocational training becomes more attractive to young people. This will result in increased number of applications for vocational programs and the status will be enhanced both for students and the community. In the longer term we hope that the new educational programs will reduce drop-outs from upper secondary education. With the introduction of "Double Competence with International Work Experience " we will be in the position to educate young people with formal competences and thereby contribute to meeting our society's need for skilled labour.
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